Monday, June 9, 2008

It's a New Day!

We are the proud owner of a Wii, which I love!! Jackson has been watching us play for a year now, and he even joins in on games like bowling and Mario Kart. He likes to think that he is playing Guitar Hero, but he gets booed off stage almost immediately. Anyway, the other day we were at the doctor's off, and they had a Super Nintendo with some game that included all the previous Mario games, and Jackson was DESPERATE to play, so we sat down, and he starts thrusting the remote around, just like we do the Wii remote to get Mario to move. I had to explain to him that he had to actually PUSH the buttons to make Mario move. Even video games have gotten lazier, LOL!


Cynthia said...

love the visual of Jackson kicking butt on nintendo. watch out he'll be beating you guys soon enough!

Laurie said...

lOVE the Wii, Eric wants one so bad! We might have to cave one day and actually become a video game family - something I swore we would NEVER do! I know, I remember you telling me I was a big geek and my kids would be geeks because they didn't know how to play video games!!!!!!!!!! I just had to say I loved the last entry on the names, I just cringed when I thought of a little turkey named "precious"! Too funny! ps email me your phone number so we can get together!