Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What a Hairy Situation!

Today we went to McDonald's for a little playtime. You really can't do anything outdoors anymore, WAY TOO HOT, so we headed off to the Ghetto Fabulous McDonald's! It was a little more ghetto than fabulous, but whatever, a little nastiness never killed anyone. Anyways, it was not so enjoyable for the moms who were up and down, round and round, I would like to say that when Jackson started screaming that he "Needed me!" I busted my butt up there so fast, only to find that he was just a little lost, which I was too, good thing I had my guides below. Anyway, scooting through a tube with all my body weight on my wrists and knees was not my idea of a good time, BUT the fun had just begun. There was this little girl there, chubbier and taller than Tyler, but probably the same age that was TORMENTING Jackson, pulling his hair, pulling on him, the poor kid was just getting beat up. Finally, I look over, Jackson is SCREAMING, and this girl has two fistfuls of hair and is practically hanging on him. I had enough. I have never yelled at another person's kid, but I let this girl have it. The older brother saunters over, and I let him have it. FINALLY, a good five minutes later, the mom walked over and took her away without saying a word to me. Give me a break people, I know his locks are gorgeous, but keep your paws to yourself. Just made me realize how blessed I am to have kids that would NEVER (and I feel comfortable saying NEVER) go up to a stranger and pull their hair! I know parenting may be exhausting some days, but I am sure glad that I put the effort into it that I do!

On a side note: Tyler went to get her pictures taken today and did a fabulous job, I was pleasantly surprised!


Cynthia said...

I would have yelled too! I hate when parents don't pay attention to what their kids are doing.