Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, Monday

We have done nothing but VEG here all day long, and it is exactly what we all needed after our jam packed weekend of parties and fun! I can't say that it was totally uneventful though because both of my kids are really into golf. Jackson wanted Rocco and Tyler wanted Tiger, but anytime the crowd started cheering, they both stood up and cheered, so in all actuality, they were cheering for whomever! What a fantastic competition, truly what sporting competitions are all about! I like Tiger, but I don't like him at the same time, so I didn't necessarily want him to win, but after some of the shots he took on Saturday, I was impressed and felt that he deserved to win AGAIN! Favorite part of watching golf with my kids is (1) how quiet they get when the crowd gets quiet and (2) how Jackson screams, "He missed it!" every time someone shoots-the kid wants a hole in one everytime!! LMAO!


The Magill Family said...

How sweet is that picture of them snuggling on the couch! Love it!

Karen said...

LOL! That's very cute how much they enjoy watching golf. In addition to DVR-ing it, I was also required to text my husband updates during the last hole, and then of course I continued to text during the tie-breaker hole. He was bummed that he couldn't watch.