Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gas Prices

Ask anyone who knows me well, I have NEVER been one to sit around and discuss the price of gas, when we were living in San Antonio, everyone would ask me what gas cost there, and I began to look for fear of appearing ignorant, and the habit kind of stuck with me! Now with gas prices soaring, I continue to look, just so I can be part of the conversation. I know it is rising, when I got my car last March, it cost $60 to fill up, soon $70, and just the other day, $80!

Friday, on my way to Desert Ridge, and I notice the QT at 7th St and the 101 was $4.05. I couldn't believe it had reached $4! I was confident it was going to stay below it. THREE HOURS LATER, on my way home from Desert Ridge, it was $4.15! There is just no need for gas prices to jump like this. Where is it going to go from here? It is kind of scary!


K to the M said...

I am the same way! Never really thought about it much until recently. We just filled up and it cost $95!!! Seriously??!! Remember when we used to chip in together to fill up the good ole' Saturn? 10 bucks would last us forever! Those were the days!

Cynthia said...

holy crap! we're not to $4 yet but I'm already bitching about it. to fill the truck up the other day we're talking over $100. awful. i think Exxon needs to start forking over some of it's billions of profits and lowering the cost at the pump.

Colleen said...

I KNEW you guys would still be CHEAPER!!! I would always laugh when my mom would tell me what they were paying here, and now IT IS NOT SO FUNNY!!!! Over a hundred dollars and not even $4 yet! YUCK! That's what you get for getting the XL, although it is TOTALLY NECESSARY with two kids, LOL!

theresa bobesa said...

ha ha. you're right. I think we wrote pretty much the same thing on the same day.

isn't it awful?

I actually got laid off from my job (my boss is shutting down business since we're in the credit and loan industry and the economy SUCKS!). So now that I'm job searching again, I kind of want to work AS CLOSE to home as possible because I can't handle it if gas keeps getting higher. I mean, it usually gets lower during the fall and winter, but come on people!

All I have to say is that the oil companies really know what they are doing because, yeah, people will start driving less, but they will still always need gas. Unless we do solar powered cars. In Arizona, solar power would be brilliant!