Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

Yesterday was the MOST ENJOYABLE DAY I had with the kids in probably like a year! We spent the morning at Anthem park, they took good naps, and then when they woke up, they played in the playroom until dinner and baths. Finally, before we went to bed, we watched Dora Saves Three Kings Day, which I thought was ridiculous seeing as how they couldn't really explain what Three Kings Day is, and all it really told the kids was that you eat cake and one person finds a surprise in theirs! Anyway, here they are looking stinking cute in their Dora Saves Three Kings Day Crowns!!!

I wonder what today will bring since they were so good yesterday! I am already super annoyed with their behavior this morning, so it is REALLY good that they go to school today!


Laurie said...

Must have been something in the water kids were perfect angels yesterday too!

And by the way LOVE Ed HArdy!! I made Eric buy me a couple T shirts in Dubai ($14 each hah!!) Plus he got Adia one too, so cute! They look great with the Chanel sunglasses he got me there too. Gotta love Dubai! Now I can't wait for him to go back. Just kidding.

Colleen said...

And I thought I got a steal when I got them at Dillard's for 40% off before Christmas! COSTCO also has some, but they still are not $14! Eric's shopping list could be growing as we speak!