Saturday, January 31, 2009

Disney Day #2

The next morning, we headed off, in our matching Cardinals shirts, to our first character breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, what a magical place! This was Tyler's first encounter with the characters, and I can tell you she was NOT impressed. She was OK, as long as Pat was holding her hand, but she was even BETTER if the character didn't have a ridiculously large costume on. She really enjoys dancing, so when the characters invited her up to help make a cake, she didn't hesitate. She even let Alice pick her up to put the sprinkles in the bowl! This restaurant is so wonderful because the buffet has a kid size area where they can pick out their food themselves, and my kids LOVE to do things themselves!

After breakfast, it was off to Disney, and I don't think I have a SINGLE picture of Tyler looking at me when trying to take a picture with the characters until MAYBE DAY #4 because she would literally STARE THEM DOWN (oops-she is looking at the camera in a few, but you know what I mean) to make sure they didn't make any sudden moves. Jackson would run up and talk to them all, and then Pat would run and get in the picture with Tyler! There was no screaming and crying though unless the character tried to touch her!

I managed to get a picture of Jackson, Pat and Tyler on the Buzz Lightyear ride, you can see how it is a very fun, interactive ride. You compete against the person you are riding with to shoot as many targets as possible.

As I was flipping through the pictures, I was so glad when I saw this picture of Pat, Jackson and Tyler with Minnie. This picture was taken later in the afternoon, and all Tyler wanted at this point was to see Minnie, so when we saw her, we jumped on the chance, but she started to back away into one of the magical places characters escape to. This FORTY YEAR OLD LADY was totally hogging her, and wouldn't let my TWO YEAR OLD in to see Minnie, but there was no way that Pat or I were going to let her get away without a fight. We abandoned the strollers, I am yelling, "Minnie, can I get a picture of you with my daughter?", while Pat literally has his arm around her to stop her from moving. He said the whole time I was taking the picture she was moving backwards (she was trying to get in between the green and blue awnings), that's why Jackson is so far outside the picture frame. I thought I was going to have to throw down in the middle of Disneyland just because some lady wouldn't let Tyler in to see Minnie. How about we saw Minnie again like 10 minutes later at her house in Toontown, all the drama for nothing, but REALLY?


Karen said...

Great pictures! I love the Buzz Lightyear ride ... it's fun and there's never a long line.

I totally understand about how annoying it is when adults hog the characters ... when we were waiting for California Minnie there was this 20-something lady with her boyfriend and he had some kind of professional looking camera and kept snapping shots of her and Minnie. She kept posing ... really annoyingly I might add ... and he had to have taken 40+ pictures in the 5 minutes (which felt like forever) she was hogging Minnie. Obnoxious.

Colleen said...

I don't understand why these adults are obsessed with cartoon characters. I also don't understand taking pictures of the World of Disney sign outside the store, what is that about?? It is a store sign, you don't take a picture of Macy's before you walk inside, ARGH!!!!!!!

I hope you were able to get to California Minnie before she escaped, LOL!!!! I told Pat that last time we were there it seemed there were MANY MORE "character escorts", but that's probably a job that is quickly cut in a recession! Now Minnie has to defend herself, LOL!