Friday, January 2, 2009

I love coupons, BUT

I hate coupon schemes that are not really coupons at all. We are booking our Disney vacation this week, and what do you know, we got a coupon in the mail advertising 30% off, so I called, and I sat on the phone with some IDIOT-I swear it was her first day-for FORTY MINUTES, and every time she ran the numbers, I got a different price. Then, it turns out that the 30% is on the room only, which I would be fine with, but if I booked a package (room and tickets), then the 30% would not apply, AND I would not get my morning in Mickey's Toontown and Magical Morning in Fantasyland! OMG! Seriously, these people talk circles around you-GOOD THING I STILL HAVE SOME OF MY BRAIN CELLS LEFT! Next time, I am going have my negotiator husband call, I think he would talk circles around them! I just get so frustrated, but Pat gets off on it, he thinks it is so entertaining!


Jen said...

we booked our tickets on and got our hotel on we got the Hyatt a mile and a half from the park, $60 a night!!!! it was nice!! a shuttle picks up and drops off every 30 min

Colleen said...

I am seriously sitting here debating staying off property because I am so annoyed! We usually stay at Paradise Pier, and they are sooooooooooo accomodating, but the operator at Disney Destinations was NOT!