Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sound Like Anyone You Know!???

Watching the Golden Globes the other night, I was drawn to the story written by Richard Yates, of a young couple just starting out. I had not heard much of Revolutionary Road, but after watching the most beautiful Kate Winslet, I thought to myself, I must read the book before I see the movie. Of course, when I went to Target to look for the book, the only copy they had was the one with Leo and Kate on the cover, and I hate that I am unable to create the characters in my head, but I will make do! Now, I am not one to BUY books, usually my mom buys them, I go to the library, swap with friends, etc. However, after reading the back of the book, I had to buy it! I don't know how it ends, if it is tragic or romantic, happy or sad, I know nothing because I am only on Chapter Three, but I do know that I cannot put it down because it is ALMOST as though I am reading my life on the pages. I am being quite dramatic, the book is set in the 50's and life really was MUCH different then, but I do know that as a young couple starting out in this world, I think we all have so much more in common than so many of us will admit. The book seems so honest, and it is sooooooooo refreshing in a present day society that expects us to be happy all the time, have perfect children, eat perfect food, look perfect, and overall be perfect. Unfortunately, Richard Yates died in the early 90's because when asked who I would like to meet at a dinner party, living or dead, I would really LOVE to sit down and meet the man that could write a story which transcends generations.

NOW-in case you are dying to know what the back of the book says, it reads:

"In the hopeful 1950s, Frank and April Wheeler appear to be a model couple: bright, beautiful, talented, with two young children and a starter home in the suburbs. Perhaps they married too young and started a family too early. Maybe Frank's job is dull. And April never saw herself as a housewife. Yet they have always lived on the assumption that greatness is only just around the corner. But now that certainty is about to crumble.
With heartbreaking compassion and remorseless clarity, Richard Yates shows how Frank and April mortgage their spiritual birthright, betraying not only each other, but their best selves."

DISCLAIMER: Don't get all dramatic on me here and think that Pat and I are headed down some terrible road, that's not what I connected with here. I connected with being young, starting a family, not being sure of what comes next, finding happiness in being a housewife, and just overall being a young married couple. For the record, those of you who know Pat know that his job is FAR FROM DULL, so I also did not connect with that statement in the book. He has a super cool job and deals with all sorts of people on a daily basis. This disclaimer is EXACTLY what I think is wrong with today's society, but since I am a part of it, I will play the game!

Enough typing, must spend my time reading!


Thomson Family said...

I call dibs on the book next! :o)

Laurie said...

That book does sound good!

BTW if you ever need to break the finger sucking habit they also make a polish called STOP, and everyone else swears by that stuff. Evidentally it tastes Horrid and pretty much kids can't stand it. I really don't care so much about the whole thumb sucking thing but then my dentist told me what it was doing to Ruby's mouth and that the only hope was to stop asap. Hopefully this works - keep your fingers crossed!

Claire said...

Your disclaimer is hysterical! Sad that it is even necessary... but I agree, probably would have gotten some dramatic comments!

Karen said...

It does sound good - you inspired me to put it on my amazon wishlist with the hopes that maybe my mom will buy it for me, lol :)