Sunday, January 11, 2009

Possible Jobs for Jackson!

Since it appears as though there is already a child star that looks very similar to Jackson (picture to left)staring in Bedtime Stories, I thought I would come up with some other ways that this child could make me some money! As a side note, I think the child looks a little like him, but DEFINITELY NOT AS CUTE, :-P!

Mainly because I want to be one myself, so I am living vicariously through my child. HOWEVER, he does LOVE food and beverage more than the average person, so you never know! He needs to learn to be a little more adventerous with his food, but other than that, he has been watching Food Network since the day he was born, so he has lots of knowledge about food! (When I would leave Jacskon with my mom, my mom thought when I said a half an hour of TV per day, it didn't count if he watched Food Network, so she would put him in front of that as a baby! I think Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay were some of his first words!)

After listening to the most obnoxious sound on Earth ALL WEEKEND LONG-football announcers-I have decided that this would be the PERFECT job for a little boy who LOVES the sound of his own voice. He could repeat key phrases and talk incessantly and THINK people are actually listening to him! Phrases like: "WOW!", "I think you're being a little dramatic!", "That's cuckoo!", or "I don't think so!" Would fill the dead air time and make me some money! Seriously, I don't know what makes him think that he needs to talk from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. He is four rooms away joining in conversations that are going on between adults-SOOOOOOOO ANNOYING!

OBSESSED with all video games. He can pick one up and master it in a matter of minutes! Thinking that I should register him in some tournaments, some of those have HUGE prizes! Not sure about this career though because it seems to be detrimental to your social life, and he would probably make a lot of enemies since he would still be talking while playing the games, and I think the competition would probably be more introverted!

Granted, it is in his blood, BUT really, you could look outside and see that it is raining, and Jackson would somehow try and convince you differently. Pat feeds into this a lot since he ALSO LOVES the sound of his own voice, and Pat will actually sit there and debate with a four year old. Really, if Pat wins, does it make him feel successful!??? Go pick on people your own size at work!

Ooooh, and GO CARDS!!!!!


Cynthia said...

I had to do a double take, convinced that was Jackson! wow! maybe he could be the kids double in his next movie then take over when the kid "accidently" breaks his arm... ; )

Thomson Family said...

I hope that Jackson picks food critic because then he could take his Aunt Katie to all the restaurants to try the food for free with him!! LOVE that idea!