Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some things I have been thinking about!

1. I don't think the parents in the commercial about Disneyland REALLY think their kids are funny when they say, "We're too excited to sleep!" because they are probably freaking EXHAUSTED from packing and getting everything ready to go in the morning. Sure, it is cute to us, but DANG packing for four people is EXHAUSTING!

2. Morphine is the greatest thing ever invented. Aside from the headache it gave me on the side, it seriously killed the pain faster than anything I have EVER BEEN GIVEN! I think it is the first time I EVER had pain medication through an IV, and I think I could very well be hooked. Someone mentioned yesterday that they were shocked they gave me pain medicine BEFORE they knew what was wrong with me, but I think they knew there was NO WAY they were getting within an inch of me to ultrasound me without it! HA!

3. It is a blessing that these crazy medical things happen to me because as much as I hate to admit it, Pat has more patience than I do (saw a glimpse of PRE-LAW SCHOOL PAT!). He is a WONDERFUL caregiver, sleeps in the craziest beds and positions, wakes up every thirty minutes to fulfill my every need, and I just don't know if I have it in me to do that. Pat laughed the other day when I was telling him how great he was, and he said, "Well, I know you would do the same for me!" We both know MAYBE NOT!

4. The Monte Cristo sandwich at Cafe Orleans, cannot wait to eat one EVERY DAY!

5. Carmel Kettle Corn at Downtown Disney, YUM!

6. Missing some good friends in cities far away!!! I wish we could just all live within 50 miles of one another. I think life would be sooooo much better if we could see one another more often. They mean so much to me!

7. Rylee Rose's features are about the roundest things I have ever seen. My kids have always had REALLY almond or oval shaped features. Nothing about them is round. Rylee has round eyes, a round nose, face, head, ears, lips, just really round, it is so cute, she is like a doll! I don't know if you can tell in the picture above, I just thought it was cute, my kids are obsessed with her. In this picture, Jackson is sharing his blanket with her and probably infecting her with strep!

8. Tyler is scared of Chuck E Cheese, like deathly afraid, I am REALLY nervous about how she is going to react to all the characters in Disneyland!! Surely she will get over the fear eventually right? She will love the rides and looking at the statues, but the moving characters, PANIC!???!!! I will let you know!

9. Even though I have multiple pairs of black pants that are exactly the same, I have a favorite, and I don't think people know that I have a TON, I think they think I wear the same ones every time I drop my kids off at school!

10. My New Year's Resolution was to eat one fruit and one vegetable every day. I was TOTALLY rocking it, until I was in the hospital. I have to get back on track because Shannon told me that there is a saying, "40 days, and it becomes a habit!" Looks like I have to get back on track, but I felt so good including these in my diet. I want to succeed at a New Year's Resolution, I always say exercise, stop biting my nails, or something else I will never do, so this year, I set the standards low, and I was eating more like 2 fruits and veggies a day.


Short and Sweet said...

Colleen, thanks for your comment on my Pink Saturday post. Maybe you could join in on the fun and post some "pink" photos sometime. I know that you have all the time in the world to rummage around and find pink things to take pictures of...yeah right!!! I'm so sorry to read about your surgery, but I'm glad that you are recovering so nicely. Have a wonderful time at Disneyland but don't overdo it...good grief I sound just like a mother!!!!