Monday, January 5, 2009

Only Katie's Baby

Would have to go see a plastic surgeon before age 1!!! Poor thing was born with a bald spot that had a red marking, and it turns out that if it is not removed, it could turn cancerous as she gets older. So, after meeting with the dermatologist today, she has to go see a plastic surgeon in the very near future. They will remove it when she is about 6 months old, and then she will be left with a "y" shaped scar and NO bald spot!

At this time, I would like once again sing the praises of Phoenix Children's Hospital! They are amazing! I found the name of this doctor that she went to on their website, the pediatrician my sister and I use also referred Katie to him, she went, he was awesome. Knew what it was in like two seconds when for a MONTH people have been telling her that they have "NEVER seen this before", "have no idea what it is", etc. Anyway, now she was referred to a plastic surgeon there, so I am very content knowing that my one and only niece is in their hands!

I wish I had a ton of money because I would buy a ton of entries into their raffle! It is too bad it is a recession because I would encourage all to buy a ticket, or just donate money! I would love to be on their Board of Directors, but I am having a difficult time figuring out how to do it. If anyone knows, please let me know!

P.S. How excited am I for The Bachelor tonight, thank GOD something is starting on television otherwise, I might shrivel up and die!


Thomson Family said...

Totally forgot to mention that Lorna bought a ticket for that raffle and found out on New Year's Eve that she won a big screen TV. DEFINITELY buying a ticket from now on for that raffle. LOVE Phoenix Children's Hospital!

Thomson Family said...

And yes....poor Rylee Rose. So sad for her! At least it will be gone soon.

Colleen said...

Lorna deserves it!