Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Elephant in the Room

Why has no one addressed the octuplets? I have been dying for a blog about it, so I guess I will have to do it myself. I watched the 20/20 last night, and I am secretly obsessed with her because I personally want to compare her to a serial killer. You know how serial killers are SOOOOOOOOOO smart, and they get away with murder time and time again because they are smooth talkers and cover their tracks? I kind of feel like that is what she is doing, and let me remind you, I have a degree in psychology!
I think in her first interview with NBC, she was BEAUTIFUL-full lips, cheek implants, and very Angelina Jolie. However, the most recent, she didn't fool people with her looks because they caught her from her bad side! She looked like she was going bald, and they were calling her out on all her lies, so her beauty faded! Here are the things that I THINK are wrong with her situation!

(1) She keeps saying if she were married, she would not be receiving such criticism, and it is simple math, if she were married, it would be 2:14 as opposed to 1:14! That is tough, anyone who has kids knows being a parent is tough, and you need someone to share the burden with.

(2) Money, if anyone knows student loans, Pat and I know student loans, 1/5 of Pat's paycheck every month goes to student loans, and we are VERY fortunate! She is getting a Masters Degree in Psychology, I will have to research more, but is this REALLY going to put food on the table for 14 kids?!?????

(3)Housing issues would blow my mind in this family: (A) I don't believe in sharing rooms, so that would put a damper on that! (B) One of the children is autistic, and children with special needs require A LOT of special attention!

(4) Overall, it is a lot for any one parent. Children are a blessing, just as she keeps saying, but they are also A LOT of work, and to keep having them to fill some void is completely irresponsible. Since she is so irresponsible, she can sit on camera and say that "stopping her life and being present for her children" is un-selfish, but COME ON, if you stop your life every time one of your FOURTEEN children need you, you will not have a clean home, you will not have clean clothes, and you will not have dinner.

I don't appreciate her sitting on TV judging me because I have to walkaway from the 100 piece jigsaw puzzle I am helping Jackson with to make dinner. It is not that I am not "present", it is just that I know my RESPONSIBILITIES!


Short and Sweet said...

I feel sorry for the Suleman children...all 14 of them! Their mother is totally irresponsible and she is "milking the system" like a shrewd, clever opportunist. She has 3 special needs with a speech problem and autistic tendencies, one with ADHD, and one with autism. She gets extra state money for each of these 3 children because of their needs. The possibility is high that at least one of the eight, if not more, will have special needs as well translating into more state aid. She got a hefty settlement from a job-related situation and spent most of the money on fertility treatments...fully knowing that 3 of her original 6 kids had problems! Her spokesperson has asked the public to go easy on her as she is under a lot of pressure! DUH!!! The pressure is self-inflicted you idiot! Children are indeed a gift from God, but she has totally abused the privilege of being a parent. I feel like she is using each child as a meal ticket and I'm afraid the cycle won't end with her. Has she produced 14 more welfare recipients who think this is the only way to live? I can't stand people who think that the government and welfare charities are there solely to take care of them and meet their every need. She is totally irresponsible and what she did is clearly wrong. All 14 kids the result of fertility treatments!!!! That is ludicrous.
Sorry, Colleen, I got going and couldn't stop.

Colleen said...

Don't apologize, I completely agree with everything you said! As Jackson would say, "She is CRAZY!"

Anonymous said...

ARGH!! I have been going nuts over this too. I kind of started to tune out becuase it was bugging me so much. I love how she thinks that no one would be talking about it if she had a husband. I think they would still be talking because she has no money and did the state/federal gov pay for the fertility treatments?!?! The people of California will be paying for those kids for who knows how long. It's just nuts!! She brought up the crazy 17 & counting people and how they have a show and relatively positive feedback. I think they are a bit nuts too but guess what, they have a system and they are supporting themselves AND a crazy Dr. did not help them have 8 babies!!!!! Here I am debating a 3rd child and that probably won't happen since I just can't quite resolve the simple logistics of another car seat, another seat at the table, the zone defense etc, etc. Most things seem set up for 4, not 5. Probably for good reason right?
She's nuts Colleen. I think we could sit and talk for hours over drinks about this lady. Maybe we should!

Thomson Family said...

I wasn't going to comment but the word verification was "Huchie" and I am reading it as "Hoochie" and that's exactly what this lady is, so I found it fitting! She is worse names than that!!
Now someone is going to pay her 2 million dollars for the first pictures and she is saying she didn't do it for the money?!? PUH-LEASE!!! Everyone should ignore her and not give her a dime! Ugh..she bugs me! (And the dumb doctor too!)
People should get background checks before they have kids!
I could go off about people abusing government money but that's a whole other blog!

Cynthia said...

Totally, 100% agree with everything you all said. I love the analogy to serial killers. She is obviously educated & well spoken but a fruit loop to boot!
counseling pays jack squat,she's insane to think that will provide for her family. Not to mention when is she going to have the time to go to school AND study when she needs to be "present" every second. Her mom is already pissed off she's taking care of the 6 kids - you think she's going to be gung ho to take care of the 6 with 8 6 month old babies? highly doubt it. and if she had all these friends why aren't any of them stepping forward and talking on camera?

the fertility Dr needs to lose his license. He's totally negiligent.

I honestly think some of the children need to be removed from the home. To think she will be able to adequately provide for them is silly.

and the fact that I live in California and will be footing part of the bill for her children I'm even more incensed.Especially since the state is closed down thanks to massive budgetary issues, DMV closed 2 days a week, libraries closing, state tax refunds being held back...

sorry Colleen to rant & rave, I could go on & on too!

Colleen said...

That is so funny you said something about them being removed from the home, Cyn! Last night I asked Pat if legally the kids could be taken away from her. He said not without proof of abuse or negelect. UUUUUMMMM, hello, one parent, 14 kids, there is going to be some negelect!

My two are driving me insane today! Can you even really imagine 14! They wouldn't even allow that ratio in a preschool, WTF!

Karen said...

I've been meaning to comment, but for some reason it's taken me forever ... even as I type this Brandt is wanting my attention right NOW, lol. So very quickly ... I totally agree with your post and I think my mom's comment pretty much sums up what I would have said (good comment, Mom!)