Sunday, February 1, 2009

Disney Day #3

Off to another character breakfast, this time at the Storyteller's Cafe, we had a great time EATING on this vacation. Pat had a stain on his jeans when we got home, and he was trying to figure out what it was, so he asked me what we ate the day before we left, and I just kept listing and listing, seriously the list was endless.

This was also the first day that Tyler posed for a picture with a character by herself. I love this picture of her looking out of the corner of her eye waiting for California Minnie to make a sudden move! She never really relaxed around the characters. Jackson on the other hand was interrogating the character. He asked Tigger why he wasn't bouncing, so Tigger jumped, but he didn't bounce on his tail, so Jackson called him out. Pat and I laughed thinking about the teenager inside that is like, "Dude, I am doing the best I can, you are FOUR, leave me alone, you are supposed to believe just a LITTLE BIT LONGER!" Anytime a character was not with their entire entourage, he would ask where the other members were. Clearly, one was not good enough. We never saw Donald, and since the whole house just recovered from strep, we told Jackson that Donald and Daisy had strep and couldn't come out and play!

On this REALLY HOT DAY, we went to the Playhouse Disney show, it was amazing. Much different (and BETTER) than last time we were there. Tyler had a freaking blast, singing the songs, clapping, jumping, I think it was the most fun she had. Jackson on the other hand told me that it was all pretend, and he didn't get that into it! He just liked when things fell from the ceiling, so would constantly look up waiting to catch something!

California Adventure has an amazing new ride, Toy Story Mania, so much fun, and you wear these silly glasses that make it 3-D! Unfortunately, we only got to ride it once because when we went back it was broken, but I am so thankful we got to experience it!

AND FINALLY, this was the first day that Tyler met the princesses! Jackson did NOT like the characters that were real people, so he didn't want to stand with any of them, he did finally jump in one with Tyler and I! Tyler on the other hand, just walked from one princess to the next saying, "More, more, more!" There are only three at a time, and you never know who will be there! I think in my next life, I definitely want to be a Disney Princess as my job, can you even imagine!???


Karen said...

Cute pictures :) I love Tyler's little pig tails ... so cute! Brandt loved the Playhouse Disney show, too. And I totally agree about being a princess ... that has to be so much fun getting dressed up and having pretty hair and makeup!

K to the M said...

I can not even put in to words how much I LOVE her pig tails! Danget, they are SO cute!! You are making me want to go SO bad! I know I have a couple years before Leila is going to be enjoyable, but still! I love seeing all the pictures! SO CUTE!

Colleen said...

You will not love pigtails when you are the one doing them and worrying about straight parts. I am improving, but parts are a little too OCD for me!! It's worse than stickers on toys!

the swope family said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Makes me want to pack up and head to Disney so that I can see that look of awe in Porter's eyes! Thanks for the day by day break down and all the pics. I will be calling you for all the things we should do when I plan our trip!