Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yes. . .I'm Jackson's Mom

How funny is this shirt?! Totally stems from the moms in the class stopping me in the hall to tell me about their daughter's crush on Jackson! We (Andrea, Shannon, Tamara and I) have spent many mornings in the parking lot discussing what the shirt should say that I should wear, and they actually had it made for me for my birthday! I cannot wait to wear it to school on Monday morning, the teachers are going to CRACK UP!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have my Tyler's t-shirt (Tyler's Burgers in Palm Springs) and a t-shirt with Jackson's name on it. THANKS GUYS!!!! I am so lucky to have you as friends.

P.S. More snow pictures are coming soon-I forgot my camera, so I had to have them put on a disk from the disposable camera, and it is not my favorite thing to work with!


K to the M said...

How cute is that?!

the swope family said...

Awesome shirt!

Looking forward to seeing some snow pics! I bet the kids had a blast in it!