Friday, February 6, 2009


It has become apparent that Jackson is seriously the P-I-M-P of the class! I told my friends this morning that I am going to make a t-shirt for myself that says "PIMP's mom"! We figured it out, and I was wrong! I would actually be the pimp, and Jackson is the gigolo! ROTFLMAO!!!!!

It is very sweet, and I am happy to know that he treats all the girls in the class with such respect that they all fall in love with him, but there are 13 girls in the class. If he spoke of them ALL, I would be listening to stories FOREVER, so I can't lie and say he talks about them all too! He has now taken to telling me that he sits on a chair at school all day and not to ask me what he did because that is it! The kid is too smart for his own dang good!