Monday, February 16, 2009

Feeling a Little More Than Proud!

The school year is almost over, so the end of me ranting and raving about there being 13 girls in Jackson's class and only 3 boys is coming to an end. I know I have blogged incessantly about all the little girls in his class that have crushes on him, and really it is so sweet. The other morning, one teacher was getting ready for Mommy's Day in the kitchen, so the other asked if I would stick around and help out for a few minutes! I obliged! This is the teacher that told Jackson she wanted to eat him on a cracker. I mean SERIOUSLY, he has the woman fooled, FOOLED I tell you! So, it was Jackson's day to be line leader, which also means that he gets to do the calendar, so as the class is counting, he points to the number with this little pointer finger thingy, SUPER CUTE! Made me wish I was less TERRIFIED of preschoolers so that I could witness this sort of cuteness more often. Anyway, it was the day before Valentine's Day, so he was wearing his "Heart Breaker" t-shirt from Old Navy. The teacher went on and on about how appropriate it was for him because the girls love him, and how they want to have a snack table big enough so that EVERYONE who wants to sit with him at snack and lunch could do so. I guess they start grabbing at him when it is time to eat, and she said it is quite humorous, and that they have been working on not having the girls stand on top of him or touch him lately. The eye rolling going on in my head is incessant at this point. GIVE ME A BREAK, I love the kid, but COME ON people. THEN, the teacher proceeds to tell me it is because he is incredibly nice to every child in the class, he never tells them that he doesn't want to play with someone, he always includes everyone, and he never has a mean word to say to any of the kids (apparently some of the other kids have been not so nice lately). HELLO, wouldn't you be in love with him too! That makes me proud of my little Jackson!

ALSO while I was in there, the teacher told me that I don't need a parent teacher conference, that Jackson is already READING, and that I should just send him to first grade! As a former teacher, that makes me SUPER PROUD!

This is probably one of those OBNOXIOUS, bragging e-mails that other parents hate to read, but come on now, how could I pass up those opportunities! I wanted to write it out so that when I want to strangle him later this afternoon, I could reflect back on how he portrays me as SUPER parent in public!


the swope family said...

Reading, yay for him! Skip straight to first grade, you should have that in writing and send it to All Saints! (That is the right place, right?)

You are allowed to brag on your kids and I am more than happy to read about it!

Colleen said...

That is the right place, but it is soooooooooo not the right price! LOL!!! Thanks for listening!