Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tag! You're It!

I was tagged by my friend Claire-here's the game: post the seventh picture in your seventh folder and tell about it. Don't cheat, just post what is there - then tag 7 other people (or as many as you want)! How funny is it, that it is not even my picture!? I downloaded some pictures for my good friend Lori while she was visiting and uploaded them to Shutterfly for her! I thought the picture was totally fun though when I checked it out, so here is what I am posting.

John and Lori are always taking fun road trips,and this time they happened to be on the corner of Winslow, AZ! They always have their camera,and they must take four thousand pictures a week! Love you Lori, maybe this will bring you out of the closet you blog stalker!

Now I tag: Karissa, Katie, Karen, Rebecca, Cynthia, Shannon and Laurie!


Laurie said...

I like this one! I tried to post yesterday but blogger was messed up. So I did it today.

BTW, the picture you have as your header throws me off every time becuase I keep momentarily thinking Jasmine is you!

Colleen said...

I am kind of princess like, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

ITS ME! I AM OUT OF THE CLOSET (just lazy to sign up for this thing)! I will forever comment now on every blog post by you and Katie! haha ya right