Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Don't Like FOUR!

Four years old is NOT a fun age. I haven't enjoyed one single minute of the constant whining, temper tantrums, etc. It stinks because he is old enough to tell me what he wants, but if he doesn't get it, there are these huge meltdowns that could go on for hours if I let them. There isn't so much body flailing as there is LOUD obnoxious crying!!!!! I wonder what my neighbors think. We probably have more noise coming out of this house, than when they were grinding out the tree stump. Unfortunately for them, their adoption date is fast approaching, and Jackson spends a lot time crying it out in his room, which is closest to their house!!! Lucky for them, we are going to have to move sooner or later!


the swope family said...

Wait, I thought it was supposed to get better at 4! Everyone says that if you make it through 2 and 3 that you will be greeted by the bliss of 4! :) How glad I am that I'm not the first person arriving there and that you have now clued me in to the reality of the age. Good luck with the tantrums!

Laurie said...

So here is the hard truth...the terrible two's - not so terrible. It is really the 3s or 4s. It depends on the kid! Adia was terrible 3, wonderful 4. I'm hoping Ruby is also a terrible 3, cause she loves herself a good tantrum!! The jury is still out on Chloe!