Sunday, March 29, 2009

As the World Turns

Since my last post:

(1) Diagnosed with a sinus infection caused by allergies-PAINFUL!
(2) Got a B-12 shot, and I have high hopes for this!
(3) Couldn't go to Cibo because I was too sick!
(4) Had a notice of trustee sale posted on the garage door of the house we are renting (TOTALLY FEEL I HAVE TO SAY, "house we are renting" every time for fear of someone thinking it is MY HOUSE, when Pat and I are the most responsible bill payers EVERRRRRRRRRRR, and some days I wish we weren't!
(5) Dishwasher of said house exploded all over the kitchen floor and will not drain which means that I have done about 100 dishes by hand! Can't call anyone about it, since no one cares about this house anymore.
(6) Tyler is sick, temperature around 104 earlier today!
(7) Stupid security system starting beeping, asked Pat to solve it, he was up on a ladder looking at something else, took it apart, unscrewed it, etc for like 30 minutes until I walked over, pushed a few buttons and poof, it was better. Seriously, the man is not a handy!
(8) Still has no answer on the house we have an offer in on, they have given us a deadline of April 6th, but really, should we believe it! At this point, I am so uncertain of our future, I think it might be causing my illnesses!

HOWEVER, the guilt I feel about complaining about these things, eats me alive when I look at all the horrible things out there in the world. Current blog I have stalked to death over the weekend is:

Prayers for Stellan

I can't even imagine being a situation like that! Maybe not knowing where we are going to live in less than two months isn't that big of deal!


the swope family said...

I have been stalking her blog for quite some time. It is amazing how many people a blog can reach. I just pray for Stellan and his family every single time they cross my mind. It is just SO sad.