Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Colleen, There's Blood Coming Out of My Ear!"

That's what Pat was standing over me telling me at 1 in the morning! Followed by, "Do you think that's bad?" I am pretty sure it is not good. So, I turned to my trusty friend, Google, and determined that he didn't need to rush to the ER, but that he could wait for a doctor's appointment sometime today. The poor thing is miserable, but I can't stop laughing! Really, just when you think it can't get any worse! I'll keep you posted on what the doctor said, but I wish I could video tape him doing things so that you could see how dramatic he is! Of course the night both kids sleep soundly through the night (Tyler's been up every night for a week!), I am awake with my 29 year old husband! Maybe it is an April Fool's Day joke!


Mom said...

I think you pay more than the doctor's water bills!!!

the swope family said...

I would totally take Jackson for the 1.5 days if you want me too!!! Porter loves to have guests and it would be a great contest between the two of them on who ate more during those 36 hours!!!

Hope Patrick is feeling better this morning!

the swope family said...

You and Tyler too!!

Colleen said...

You are sweet Jaclyn, I think between Porter and Jackson, they would eat you out of house and home!!!!

Pat has an ear infection, and he started antibiotics this morning. He went to work to minimize Jackson's contact with the germs. I have already given them a pep talk about how they are not allowed to touch him when he gets home!!!! TAKE ME FAR AWAY!!