Friday, January 15, 2010

Helping Haiti

My heart hurts for the people who were caused such pain and suffering by the earthquake. If I could go there today, I would jump on a plane and leave all behind. I am not an outdoor person, I don't like to sleep in tents or eat crap food, but for these people I would do so. It doesn't make me any sort of saint, but my point is, I would rather go and help than donate money. I am a skeptic when it comes to where my $10 will end up. I would love to believe that if I text Haiti to #90999 that it is not a scam and that my $10 would go to great use, but I don't believe it. AND I LOVE TO TEXT!!!!!

Just in case you haven't caught on yet, I am a news JUNKIE, I love when a news story breaks, and I will watch CNN repeat the SAME FLIPPING story time and time again. When the tsunami occured, it was 2004, and I was in labor with Jackson. I missed the entire tsunami, news people kept talking about the tsunmai, and I had been too busy watching Young and the Restless (Seriously, the only thing I remember watching because there was drama with Colleen and JT, and I always liked them!) to know what was going on. I think it was the New Year before I even asked someone what the heck the tsunami was! Anyway, I felt like I had missed a real opportunity to help. With Hurricane Katrina, they had a million and one drives in Texas to collect stuff and bus them over, and I was OK with that, we took Jackson to the store and bought tangible items, and while he was just a baby, I felt like we were demonstrating good will for our son. Now, I just don't know if sitting in the comfort of my home with all the walls standing and texting is demonstrating good will!?


Karissa said...

I was up feeding 6 day old Malakai when the whole Tsunami happened, so I'd be more than happy to fill you in :)

I heard that UPS is shipping for free anything that goes to Haiti. I'm sure there is a list of what they need.

One of the things I love about you...your HUGE heart!


Short and Sweet said...

I'm with you about not giving money. I just don't feel comfortable with where the money might end up! I'd rather send things that are tangible and can be used immediately instead of people having to cut through all the red tape and jump through hoops to get their hands on money that might already be earmarked for an administrative pocket!