Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Katie answered the question correctly yesterday. One year ago on the MLK holiday, I had my appendix removed. I now joke, every time that the kids have a holiday, that when the kids stay home with me, my body rejects it and sends me to the hospital.

2. Yesterday we made it through the day without incident, had a great time at Disney on Ice, despite Tyler's MELT DOWN about a snow cone in a Tinkerbell cup. I am not a health nut so it is not the sugar in snow cones that disturbs me, IT IS THE FREAKING MESS!!! Here is a picture of the 3 of us before we went-being silly! (When I was in Laughlin, Pat put all the Christmas decos away-except for the wreath and lights around the front door-how long do you think they will stay there now-NEED TO TAKE THEM DOWN!)

3. This Haiti coverage is DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spend half of my morning in TEARS-this morning I asked Pat if he wanted to adopt a Haitian orphan, he was all for it. I need to be more careful about what I say! I don't know that I am ready to be a mom for a third time!

4. Trying a new restaurant tonight, it has been A LONG TIME since I went to a new restaurant, I am super excited!

5. The one day of rain yesterday-ALREADY on my nerves. Fine if you want to stay home and lie on the couch-NOT OK when having to walk to the ends of the Earth to pick your son up from school-I am already stressed out about this week!

6. Pat and I are debating buying a house, and I am already certain that if we do, I will need to go to the doctor and get a prescription for some anti-anxiety drugs!

7. The pedal boats were very fun-it was an adventure, I don't think the kids necessarily loved them, but I am trying to prepare them for a cruise-I think it was a GREAT start!

8. My goal is to transfer Tyler into a big girl bed this weekend. That means I have a white sleigh crib for sale with the mattress-I am thinking $125 OBO!

9. So far the dinner swap is amazing, husbands are excited about dinner, the food is good, it is a GREAT way to switch it up!

10. Everytime Tyler and I are home alone, I swear we are going to go on a walk, or get outside, but we never do. . .off to put some clothes on so we can hit the road BEFORE the next round of storms comes.


Laurie said...

I told Eric I wanted to adopt an orphan too! He thought I was crazy. He said I thought we were done with kids! I told him I was done having kids but we could still adopt! He thinks I'm nuts! But seriously I just want to bring them all home!!