Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's (ALMOST) Official

I think we will be spending Tyler's Spring Break in "hopefully" sunny CA! It was a tough choice, but when I got my Travelzoo Top 20 this week, it was pretty much CONFIRMED! Knott's Berry Farm Resort is having this AMAZING deal where if you call and mention travelzoo, you get a room for one night, 2 tickets to Knott's Berry Farm, 25% off food and beverage, $5 per night parking ALL FOR $99, can you flipping beat that!? If you want to add an additional night, it is only $59!!! Children's tickets are only 24 dollars! My goal was to find a Spring Break trip for less than $500, and I THINK I MAY HAVE DONE IT!!! PLUS, I will get to eat at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant, and that to me is HEAVENLY! I can't wait to introduce my kids to one of my favorite past times!!!!

The phone number to the resort is (866)752-2444 if you feel like calling and booking a little family vacation of your own!

*****I have not been paid to promote this, but I would be happy to accept any compensation TravelZoo or Knott's Berry Farm would be willing to share!*****


Karen said...

I haven't been to Knott's Berry Farm in such a long time but I have fond memories of going there as a child. Just ask my mom about the "pieces of wood."

Have fun! That's a fabulous deal!!

Anonymous said...

Knott's was my favorite place to visit. I think that is where I rode my first roller coaster. Fun! The kids and you are going to have a great time.

Karissa said...

That's SO exciting!! Gotta love travelzoo! You guys are going to have a fabulous time!! I keep watching for a deal like that to Chicago! We had such a great time last year, we totally want to do it again! Enjoy!!

Short and Sweet said...

Ah, yes, the "pieces of wood"!! Actually that refers to the Log Ride but Karen was too young to read so she called the ride the "pieces of wood"! I'll never forget the look on her face as she saw the ride and made her request to go on it quite clear. Whenever we visited Disneyland (which was pretty-much every summer when Karen was younger)we also made a stop at Knott's Berry Farm which we enjoyed immensely.
Have a marvelous deserve it.