Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday or Wednesday NOW!

1. I NEED Season 2 of Melrose Place immediately!!!

2. This weekend, the ladies are heading to Laughlin-CAN'T WAIT-SO EXCITED! I just like the sound of a casino, the dinging, chips being tossed, Ahhhh, it gets into my SKIN!

3. I need some FUN fish recipes, anyone have one? I am trying to eat more fish in the New Year, and while I love it, my family, not so much, so send me your VERY BEST at shakakan @ aol DOT com!

4. Jackson had his first tennis lesson Monday and LOVED it. You could just see and hear pure joy! I didn't get any pictures because (1) I didn't have my camera and (2) I would have been "that" mom had I busted out my camera!

5. Claire said something on her twitter the other day about tweeting not being texting, but I kind of use it as the same thing sometimes-when I want the world to know what the text message would say, I just throw it up there. Gives people a little perspective in my life!

6. Does anyone else LOVE Modern Family as much as I do!? I just think it is hysterical-how excited am I that Benjamin Bratt is going to be on (I think tonight's episode!)

7. I ironed five of Pat's shirts this morning, just because-I am SURE they are not up to par, but I am just sick of looking at the pile of them. He is so picky about his shirt, BLAH!

8. We are still eating off Christmas dishes because I haven't switched them back yet-also have a wreath and lights up outside, so if you need to get yourself back in the spirit, you can come by us and check it out-hoping they will miraculously disappear this weekend while I am away!


10. Anyone going to Disney on Ice? I haven't bought tickets, but my kids DESPERATELY want to go. . .here's hoping I win big in Laughlin!


Karissa said...

I LOVE Modern Family!! It has been awhile since there has been a 30 minute sitcome that Josh and I have been in to, but we LOVE that one!!

Wanna send me season 1 of Melrose :)

Have fun in Laughlin!!


Claire said...

We love Modern Family too! And I SWAER the family I photographed last week was a larger version of that tv show!!!

As far as tweets being texts - I am pretty sure I have never seen you tweet in text code!!! Like, C U L8R?!? Seriously people - write with words!!! ;o)

Kris and Jen said...

Going to Disney on Ice! Monday the 18th when there is no school...good plan right?:)

Anonymous said...
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the swope family said...

If you find fish recipies that your kids like, pass them this way!

PS - The new CD is fabulous! THX!

Colleen said...

We are going to Disney on Ice on Monday too-I bought tickets yesterday after I posted this!! Hopefully we will bump into one another-Jackson will be super excited to see Lainey!

@Jaclyn-Santa didn't bring the CD for me, so you will have to tell me about it!