Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Tyler got her big girl bed. She is so proud of it. She kept coming up and hugging me, thanking me for getting it for her!

2. WHICH BRINGS ME TO #2! I am willing to pay a LITTLE extra for IKEA to up their customer service. I had a flat cart with the pieces on it that I was pushing, and a cart full of pillows, comforter, sheets, etc that I was pulling behind me. The employees would just stand and stare at me. I LOOKED LIKE A FREAK! For the love of monkeys, I only have about ten feet until I make it to the check out, couldn't you please help?

3. I was double stressed because Jackson was in the child care, due to the fact that I was boycotting his school that day. AT FOUR PM on Thursday, I received an email telling me all about the very special Daddy's Day they were having the next morning at EIGHT O'CLOCK AM!!! I am sorry, most people need a little more than 14 hours notice. I quickly called Pat, who had to be in court to see if he could make it, and what do you know, he couldn't make it. MOST OF THE TIME, this would annoy me, didn't annoy me, I KNOW YOU CAN'T CHANGE COURT, most definitely cannot change it at 4 PM the day before. So, Jackson and I went to IKEA, had a cinnamon roll, got a bed and accessories, met daddy for lunch and had our own special day!

4. I scanned in a bunch of picture for facebook from grade school, and it was such a trip down memory lane, the matching hair accessories KILL ME!!!! I know that anytime I see a matching hair accessory, it most definitely came from Wet Seal or 5*7*9! What were we thinking???

OMG-and the body suits, I am happy my mom never let me wear them-thanks MOM!

5. I despise LIARS and people who claim not to remember what they said. Really, I would have to put that down as my TWO biggest pet peeves. DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH and SPEAK unless you are going to remember what you said, BECAUSE TRUST ME, I will! This dear friend of mine, Stacy Nonno, I have known her since first grade, and we recently reconnected on facebook said, "Colleen, you have an insane memory...i'm going to use you as a lifeline someday!" YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT SUCKERS!!!

6. This is just for the mere fact that my mom will have to see this picture again-OMG, she HATED HIM! I was truly in love with him-my first real case of true love!

7. Still waiting on Pat to confirm the dates for our Knott's Berry Farm trip, nothing like waiting on him. Did anyone else book a trip? Let me know if you plan on going, maybe we can meet up for a chicken dinner or TWO!!! Can you believe Pat has never eaten at the Chicken Dinner Place-AH, he will probably hate it, since I love it :-) TRAVELZOO ROCKS!

8. My friend, Jen, recently did this blog about her BFF's wardrobe, I haven't laughed so hard in a LONG TIME!!! (1) I could TOTALLY see Karissa showing up in this and me mocking her like Jen mocked her friend (2) I want to be the next edition in Jen's makeover series because she rocks, has incredible style, and I want to be just like her!

9. I walked from Jackson's school to Tyler's school Monday morning. It was great and all, but if you saw me today, you would REALLY think I had been snowboarding because my cheeks are so wind burned. I forgot my SPF, who would have thought?

10. The Mario obsession continues over here at our CASA!!!


Karissa said...

Lmao at your friends blog! Omg! I don't wear my uggs with short shorts, just my VS board sweat shorts! However, if I had legs like that, I'd totally be sporting those shorts!! Love tylers big girl bed!! And yes, your mind is a STEAL TRAP which is one of the many reasons I love you :)

Karen said...

I totally forgot about Wet Seal and 5*7*9! How funny! And YAY for Tyler's bed!! That's so exciting :)

Anonymous said...

You CRACK me up on the body suits. I had a few and why on earth did we wear them???? They were so uncomfortable. Loved Jen's blog too. Maybe they should do it once a month and let people volunteer. I'd have to save up for a small shopping spree though. It's like What not to wear without having to give up your old clothes. :)

Carrie said...

great post! And great pics! Even the dude with the thumb in the suspender..haha!

Kris and Jen said...

Thank you for the shout out and I will show my BFF the nice comments!! It is so easy to help someone shop when everything they put on looks great!! GRRRRR...hate her. Great pictures and unfortunately I did have bodysuits that were always not long enough in the body for me which meant the worst wedgies ever:)LOL!!!