Friday, December 26, 2008

Cabin Fever

After a dramatic turn yesterday, my Grandpa went to the hospital with high blood pressure. He is doing much better, but Pat, my mom, the kids and I spent all day here, listening to our kids ask us to open a new toy every thirty seconds, so today, I was not staying here. Started out by going to Pier 1 and Target this morning to check out their sales on Christmas decos-I just wasn't happy with mine this year. Then, we headed off to the park for the kids to ride their new scooters. Because it rained all day yesterday, we didn't really get a chance to ride them outside. There was NO ONE AT THE PARK, the kids rode their scooters around the basketball court in their winter jackets like is freezing outside-IT TOTALLY IS IF YOU ARE USED TO PHOENIX WEATHER-and then, we ended our morning out with a trip to Peter Piper Pizza. Nothing extravagant, I just couldn't sit here and listen to the constant request to open new toys.

We also drove around and checked out the houses for sale in our neighborhood. Jackson and Tyler are old pros at that, and I often laugh at Jackson's desire to move and "get a new house" considering all the different places he has lived, and growing up, we lived in the same house from first grade on, and before that, we lived in the house behind that one, so we didn't go far! Now we are right back in the same area, and I love it as much now as I did then. Hopefully 2009 will bring us a "new" house in an "old" area!

ON A SIDE NOTE: Jackson has been referred to as a girl or she TWICE this week, do you think he needs a hair cut or are the people MORONS, you tell me!


Jen said...

is curls. they see curls and automatically think girl!

I feel ya on the opening toys every 30 seconds!! they need to be nicer to us parents and make the dang toys easier to free!!!

K to the M said...

So agree with the toys! Since when do you need a screwdriver to get things unattached from boxes! Seriously?!

I don't think Jackson looks like a girl AT ALL! He could totally be a gap model!