Thursday, December 18, 2008


And, I don't really care if they read it and see it!!! First of all, I call him Hide-ley-ho Neighbor because he is such a TOOL!!!!! I just don't like him. Pat likes him fine, but Pat doesn't have to deal with their annoyingness, I DO. Lately, they have been doing all these home improvement projects, and they ALWAYS do them between 12 and 2:30, which means that my kids can't nap (and they have been told what time they nap), so here we are AGAIN today, I don't feel well, the kids are OBNOXIOUSLY tired, and there is nothing I can do about it. I wish I could take a picture of him because he is a DORK and then you could see him!

Anyway, they are adopting a baby in February, and I plotting my revenge!!!

PS-hide-ley-ho and annoyingness are not recognized by spell check as words, but I don't care!! I am so pissed off right now!


Karen said...

That is annoying ... I'm sorry. I know how frustrating it is when you want/need your kid(s) to sleep but there are outside influences that prevent the much needed sleep.

Yes, I think in February they will have a completely new perspective on the importance of sleep, for both them and their baby.

Have you considered laying new tile in your house? Our neighbors just finished up theirs and it was quite noisy. Luckily they did their renovations between 3:30 & 7pm. Good luck with your revenge :)

Laurie said...

deep breaths little grasshopppa... the real amazing thing here is your kids still take naps??!!!!

Amazing! mine gave them up at like 2 years old - so sad! Ruby will occasionally fall asleep on the couch but then she's up till midnight if she sleeps a wink.

BTW Thanks for the Christmas card, those are such great pictures! You must have been so happy with them! Have a great Christmas you big grinch!!!