Sunday, December 28, 2008

"This is taking like an hour"

Doesn't matter what it is, that is Jackson's favorite saying. How do you teach a child patience when you don't have any yourself!? We went to ride the train (Phoenix's new light rail system) yesterday because it opened on Jackson's birthday-HOW COOL IS THAT? We got there, and we joined the line, but decided to OPT OUT when it looked like the line would take FOREVER! I guessed it would be about two hours before we actually got on, and what do you know, that's what the paper reported today! Seriously though-doesn't it look like a line you would stand in at Disneyland during peak times?

We headed off to Chik-Fil-A because that's where the birthday boy wanted to go, and I kid you not, while we were there, one of the freaks in the play area BIT, yes, I said BIT, Pat's shoe! The kid was probably EIGHT, then he proceeded to stand on one of the tables! There was nothing wrong with this child either. The problem was the dad sitting on the other side of the restaurant READING THE NEWSPAPER! He was seriously BEATING his younger brother, the brother would come out and tell, the dad would do nothing, IT WAS INSANE! Kids had a great time, but I just about LOST MY MIND!

In the afternoon, Jackson threw up. Not an illness, just a side effect of the PNEUMONIA like cough, reflux and too much PHLEGM! So, we took it easy the rest of the day. However, after all of the DRAMA from the morning, I took the time to use my new wine glass I got for Christmas. Pat also found me a really cool bottle of wine, so I took the time to enjoy that as well! The wine glass has a face and says, "Rock Star", on the other side because that's what I am!

Today we went back to try the train again, and this time we got on, but I swear we were surrounded by homeless people, and I am really thankful for my car! Here are my loves walking to the train!


Karen said...

Um, seriously ... where did you get that bottle of wine? I love it!!

I hope Jackson is feeling better.

Cynthia said...

did you like the wine? I had a bottle in TX, not a real fan. Sorry about Jackson being sick on his birthday, that stinks. and what's with an 8 yr old biting? bizarre!

Colleen said...

I am pretty sure that Patrick got it at AJs, I don't think it was my favorite wine, but the name alone made it pretty tasty, LOL!!!