Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rylee Rose

BEFORE: How awesome do we look in our gear!???

AFTER: 8 pounds, 8 ounces AND 20 inches long!


Laurie said...

8.8! Oh my! That's a big girl! Congrats to the new aunt and Rylee's mommy!

Relizra said...

Congrats to your sister! Where did she deliver? That's the same blanket Alex was wrapped in. Brings tears to my eyes still. Was it at a Banner Hospital? Also, where did you get the kiddo's Christmas pj's? Too cute!

Cynthia said...

chubby cheeks! Campbell was 8 lbs 8 oz too, a chubby wubby!

Colleen said...

It is a Banner Hospital! That is last year's picture with Santa, and I got those pajamas at the GAP outlet. We have not been to visit Santa this year yet, but I cannot say I am looking forward to it!

CYNTHIA-I KNEW someone I knew was 8 lbs 8 oz. THANK YOU for clearing that up. It had been driving me nuts.