Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't You Want to Eat Him on a CRACKER!

Jackson had a GREAT first day at school! His favorite part was playing on the playground. I am not allowed to go Hawaii because there are dangerous things there like volcanoes and animals that will hold you in the water. I should find a different beach to go to-maybe this school isn't going to work out after all! One day, and the kid is already telling me NOT to go to Hawaii! OH NO! He walked out the gate of the school and ripped his shirt out of his shorts telling me that tucking his shirt in is ANNOYING!

Tyler met her teachers. She was a little shy at first, but she did answer several questions and tell them that Mrs. Maxwell is going to pick her up one day. Too bad that's not until the end of next month, LOL! She is going to be talking about that for awhile!


Karen said...

So adorable! He looks so excited :)

I love uniforms - I think they're the greatest idea ever for school. Maybe I was just brainwashed, though.

Katie Thomson said...

I love the uniform! Jealous they just started today! (And they probably get out before us too in May!) Something I am sure you are not looking forward to! :o)
Are they really that strict with the pre-k and their shirts? I know we aren't. It's a lot for pre-k! :o)

K to the M said...

Yes! I do want to eat him!!

I'm so glad to hear he had a good first day!! Malakai just asked me yesterday what recess was :) Can't wait to tell him how much Jackson enjoyed it!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about Hawaii. :) I will try to tell her that there are also pina coladas and hula dancers and peace and quiet.

Jennifer Weworski said...

Hah! I am just happy if the kids in my class are clean! I only make them tuck in their shirts for Mass. I am sure our Kindergarten teacher wishes I was a little stricter! :o)