Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday was NOT a good day in the Howell house, TODAY is a new day! Pray for us!

2. Jackson had a homework assignment, and we completed it last night, it is all his own work, except that I had to glue the picture on because I picked it up after he went to bed, quite the change from last year's project! I would like you to know that ALL of the jagged lines are staircases leading up the house for all of the different ANIMALS he put in our house (if you don't know us, WE HAVE NONE!)! There is an octopus, beaver (WTF?), dog, I can't even remember all the rest. I heard octopus and beaver, and I pretty much checked out!

3. I think "homework" for this age is STUPID, the parents end up having to worry about it.

4. His Transformers backpack is RIDICULOUSLY large!

5. My kids are ridiculously well behaved in public, to the point that Pat and I can sit back and laugh at the other people who have to chase after their kids. At the next party, you can catch us on the couch with our beverage of choice! HOLLA!

6. Just because they are well behaved in public, DOES NOT MEAN they are well behaved at home! I have had to put in A LOT of hard work to get them to where they are at. I used to be too proud to brag, NOW, not so much, some people just aren't willing to do the work!

7. I know that Tyler will eventually break the finger sucking, but DAMN, it is not cute, and it grosses me out!

8. Next Ten on Tuesday, Pat and I will be in Seattle eating at all the yummy restaurants I have researched the crap out of, well he will be working, and I will be eating! YAY!

9. My computer still sucks-forget jewelry, the key to my heart is a new computer!

10. Thank you to Cynthia for mailing Tyler the coveted PINK Spiderman t-shirt, couldn't find it here, and she mailed me one, what an amazing friend!


Karen said...

I'm one of the parents who runs after their kid in public. And it drives me INSANE to the point where I'd rather stay home. Is there an age where they start to listen to you, because mine must have a hearing problem. Does this mean I for sure need a double stroller? Except I don't know if he'd stay in it ...

Colleen said...

I don't know about the whole double stroller, I had one, I rarely used it, but when I did use it, there is no way I could have been without it. I just can't wait for the age where I am completely 100% sure they won't sprint in front of the car in the parking lot. It will clear up so much anxiety in my life with the silly hand holding!

I DID follow my kids around and make sure that they weren't getting into anything. Jackson and Tyler were RARELY left unattended, I think now, they are finally at the point where I am going to sit back and see what happens! I have done my time, LOL!

K to the M said...

Love the artwork!!

That backpack gives me anxiety!! So glad they provided Malakai and the rest of the school with the same bag!! I'm not sure I can handle that! LOL!

I've never been to Seattle! Can't wait to hear all about it!

How sweet of Cynthia to send you the shirt! Good/thoughtful friends are hard to find, when we do find them, we are truly blessed!


Laurie said...

I'm the most psycho crazy mom when it comes to attending my kids in public and they STILL run around like freaking crazy banchees!! Eric and I look at other kids who are just sitting there and shake our heads ... mine are seriously lacking the "calm" gene.

the swope family said...

Well, I'm with Laurie! My boys don't do "calm" all that often! Maybe, some day!

I love the artwork too! I love that he loves animals even though you don't have any!!

ps - hope today was better!!!

Colleen said...

I don't think that my kids just sit there, they just know how to handle themselves, and I think they are just kids. Tyler surprised me today with her behavior at the parent's meeting at Jackson's school. They are both really good kids, they just don't behave that way at HOME, maybe your kids are better at HOME! Mine are DEVILS!