Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 on Tuesday-Why I STILL Love Pat 10 Years Later!

1. Always lets me choose the restaurant-that one was easy because I am obviously skilled in that area, HA! Just ask Claire, I am 3 for 3 when helping her/Justin select a restaurant! The key is knowing what the other person likes to eat!

2. Gets up with the kids in the middle of the night when they need something! If one gets sick (throws up), he will let me put the child back to sleep and worry about them, while he cleans up the throw up (BLAH)!

3. While he probably thinks this one annoys me, I think it is hysterical that he checks for bugs all over the freaking house about twenty times a day. I mean, we are talking face to the floor, flashlight in hand, looking under beds, it is insane, but cute that he worries about scorpions and snakes attacking our children!

4. Tells me I look like I have lost weight, even though the scale doesn't agree! He then tells me to go buy a new scale because that one is obviously broken!

5. Is almost always on my side! He probably thinks I am crazy, most of the time I am, but if it is me vs. someone else, I am always right! Now, if I could just convince him that when it is me vs. him, I AM STILL ALWAYS RIGHT!

6. Gives the kids a bath/shower, the worst part of parenting, I swear it is, I HATE cleaning our children!

7. Never quits trying. The man is relentless. When it comes to his job, relationship, kids, etc. He will not take no for an answer and goes after it! Sometimes it can be annoying, but for the most part, it makes him the man he is today!

8. Isn't afraid to go to the store and buy "girly" supplies! He takes Jackson with him, and hopefully Jackson will do the same for his significant other one day!

9. Loves romantic comedies, now if some of the stuff he loves about romantic comedies could happen in my life, we could make it 10 more years, LOL!

10. Gave me the two most amazing children anyone could ever ask for!


Roberta said...


Claire said...

Love #4 - LOVE!!! And, I LOVE this post! Great idea!!!

Cynthia said...

I must be PMS or something because reading this post brought tears to my eyes! very sweet and so touching! :)

Navy Wife said...

Those are FANTASTIC! Here's to another 60+ years!!! I love the one about searching for scorpions and taking Jackson to shop for "girly" items! haha...it's true: our children learn about love and commitment from their parents. Keep on lovin your hubby right in front of them so they learn the good stuff!!!

K to the M said...

Ahhh, he is a pretty good guy :) Even if he gives video camera gifts in Victoria Secret bags ;)

#3 had me laughing out loud!!

Miss you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for those kind words. I definately did not get emotional reading...not one bit. :-) I need to start working on my 1 million on Monday--Why I STILL Love Colleen 10 Years Later! May take me a while. :-) Love you with all my heart!!!!

Anonymous said...

I read through these again and had some specific comments:

#1: you always have good suggestions, and you help me try new foods and expand my palette

#2: you have cleaned up your fair share of throw up

#3: there is nothing wrong with a healthy respect for bugs

#4: you have lost weight

#5: you almost have me convinced :-)

#6:they aren't that dirty :-)

#7:i try

#8: hopefully one day he will be a better man/husband/father then I am

#9:i wouldn't say I love romantic comedies, it just so happens that some of the movies i like happen to be romantic comedies; purely coincidental

#10:they are amazing!

Love you!!

Colleen said...

My husband cannot spell without spell check! Another reason I love him-mmmm, maybe not so much! HA!

Anonymous said...

You are right. (See, I almost have #5 down!)