Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sponsor ME, Sponsor US

Still have not received ANY feedback on my first sponsorship blog, but I thought it was a fun post, and I would be interested in what items y'all are coveting, so why not throw ours out there, if you need me to send you my address so that you can mail me a check, or I am willing to give my bank account # for direct deposit, HA!

SUBURBAN-I know some of you think I am crazy, but a suburban is something I truly believe I need! I need my trunk space, if I put the third row up, poof, the trunk is gone, so for five people to ride in my car, the fifth person has to squeeze in between the two ENORMOUS car seats! The trunk was packed when we left town for three nights, and last but not least, I have wanted a suburban since I turned 16. I really thought a brand new navy blue suburban was going to be on my driveway, with a bow of course, needless to say, this has been a lifelong dream! Good thing I didn't get navy because now I want black! The warranty on my current car is about to run out as well, and we all now how this household feels about warranties, LOVE THEM!

PIZZA DAY-At the new Swanky School Jackson will be attending, you don't just get to pay for pizza day the day of pizza day, you have to pre-pay for all 32 pizza days by September something, the total is over a $150! Anyone have an extra $150 lying around for pizza!

TRIMMER/EDGER-our grass area looks ridiculous because we don't have one of these, but I just don't want to spend the money on one because our grass area is seriously the size of a rug, ridiculous!

COMPUTER-my computer is ridiculously slow, it often interferes with my ability to play Sorority Life, TRAGIC I KNOW!

DANCE/GYM CLASS-not for me, that would be crazy, but for Miss Tyler, she is obsessed, and I think it would be good for her, these classes are NOT CHEAP!


the swope family said...

Love these posts of yours! You crack me up with your "need" of a Suburban. If I had all the money in the world I would put one in your driveway with a big red bow on it!! :) Unfortunately, I don't have all the money in the world!

Laurie said...

Someone asked me once if it was true that if Mormons had 10 kids then they automatically got a Suburban! HA, I about fell out of my chair laughing...but wait...I only have three, maybe there is something I don't know! Maybe you should convert, and have 8 more kids and see what happens - hee hee!

Karen said...

I love you color choice for a car. Joe's truck is black and as long as it's clean, it always looks super nice.

We had the same problem with our grass, and Joe only had a little hand trimmer for the edges. So when he cut it, he would crawl around on his hands and knees to trim the edges. My dad lent us his big edger because he doesn't use it anymore, so that's the only reason we actually have one. But it was quite funny to watch Joe "edge" the grass by hand, lol.