Monday, August 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday-Hyatt Gainey Ranch Style

ONE-the number of pictures I took while on our staycation!

TWO-the number of Eggs Benedict I ate-MY FAVORITE!

THREE-bites of Dippin' Dots that I stole from Jackson.

FOUR-hours, the length of time Jackson was supposed to spend at Camp Hyatt, until he promised he would nap instead, he didn't nap!

FIVE-number of pillows I needed to sleep comfortably at the hotel! Which wasn't very comfortable at all, but I never sleep well away from home, so this time it didn't bother me so much!

SIX-number of appetizers we ordered at the Lobby Bar on Saturday night! We didn't really want a big sit down meal, so we just pretended we were at a tapas bar, LOL! One was a cheese plate, I was happy!

SEVEN-the time the restaurant opened and my starving children could eat breakfast!

EIGHT-number of bathing suits we brought with us to the hotel for a 24 hour stay!

NINE-TIMES TWO, the number of beers I think Pat drank while at the hotel!

TEN-number of pools they have at Hyatt Gainey Ranch! One is an Adult Pool, and I was desperate to enter, bar, television, music, quiet, etc!


Karen said...

Sounds wonderful!

Navy Wife said...

what a creative post! Hope you found it a nice change of pace away from home!