Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just a Few of the Things Making me NUTS!

Stay at Home Moms DO NOT GET THE RESPECT THAT THEY DESERVE, and I for one am FLIPPING SICK OF IT! It is HARD to stay at home with your kids.

You never have ANY time to yourself. . .

1. Nap time (the kids of course), there is no guarantee that the kids will actually sleep, you usually are on edge, listening for any sound that may possibly wake them, listening for any random noises they make, trying desperately not to make any noise while they are sleeping, which means that showering or going to the bathroom yourself are out of the question because those could cause noise!

2. Leads me to trying to pee or, heaven forbid, poop by yourself. I guarantee that if you are at a job out of the home, no one is in the bathroom with you or pounding down the door to get into the bathroom with you. If you happen to sneak into the bathroom without anyone knowing, I guarantee that World War 5,400 will occur right when you sit down.

3. Even driving in the car requires a complete test of your patience. My kids don't like the song that is on, someone is looking at them the wrong way, someone dropped something, I swear it is never ending. I for one, would LOVE to be stuck in "rush hour" traffic, a place that I am certain comes to a complete stand still because parents who work outside the home are driving as slow as humanly possible so that they don't have to enter the dungeon.

People think that you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. . .

1. When our water heater broke last week, and we were without water for about three days, our landlord apparently thought that since I am a stay at home mom, that meant it was easier for me to call all the people that needed to be called, rather than HIS wife because "She works, and then when she gets home she has to take care of the kids!" Um, pretty sure her office would be a much more suitable environment to call from than a person who is at home with her kids and can't control them.

2. I feel like I have a mental disability when I am on the phone with just about anyone. I will be trying to listen, BUT at the same time making multiple hand gestures, mouthing obscene words to my kids that they had better stay away from me while I am on the phone, and in the end I end up yelling anyway because NO ONE IN MY HOUSEHOLD LISTENS TO ME!

The ability to FIRE SOMEONE. . .

1. If someone that works with/for you doesn't listen, they are fired!

2. If someone that works with/for you can't follow simple directions, they are fired!

3. If someone that works with/for you talks back, they are fired!

4. A stay at home mom cannot fire her children!

OMG, and don't even get me started on the whole, Stay at Home Moms who send their kids to preschool/private school are independently wealthy or can't handle the pressure of staying at home with their kids!

1. Preschool has been an equal partner in helping my kids become the amazing children that they are today! I am having a LOVE AFFAIR with my child's preschool.

2. Preschool/private school costs a pretty penny. Don't think for one second that I wouldn't rather be driving my new suburban, cruising to Hawaii, buying the house down the street with a gigantic garage that houses a basketball court, etc. IT IS A FREAKING SACRIFICE TO SEND MY KIDS TO THE SCHOOLS THEY ATTEND!

3. Can't handle the pressure, we will leave that up to the adoring public because my kids have been out of school for awhile, and apparently I AM LOSING MY MIND! However, I don't think it means I can't handle it, I just like to think of it as working overtime for several weeks in a row, and really, wouldn't that grate on your nerves too?

*DISCLAIMER* This is not meant to be a dig on people who work outside the home, just a personal vent, something I needed to get off my chest because I don't feel a lot of people consider SAHM a "REAL JOB"!


Cynthia said...

AMEN!!!! I, 100%, wholeheartedly agree with EVERYTHING you just said! EVERYTHING!

The driving thing - I end up screaming at them to shut up because I can't concentrate. It's a wonder I haven't had an accident as I lean over to pick up the coloring book, doll, toy, water bottle they've dropped for the
50th time that they must have this moment while I'm careening down the highway at top speeds.

I am cracking up laughing over the phone, that is so me too! That's one of the times I could seriously haul off and smack my kids. The phone is like a beacon - they could be outside playing none the wiser to what I'm doing but the SECOND I pick up the phone they are on me like glue. Fighting, screaming, needing something. ARGH!

and the whole judging of sending your kids to school thing. I can't tell you how many looks I got when I plopped Campbell's tantrum riddled behind in school this Spring. It was best for her AND for me that she go to school. I'm not afraid or ashamed to admit I NEED A BREAK! I'm not a freaking super hero who can manage 2 kids 24/7, kudos to the moms who can "home school". God love them but you will NEVER get me doing that.

and how about eating? do you ever get to eat something entirely by yourself? NO. Every time I start to eat my breakfast, lunch, dinner even a snack, I'm asked for a bite. I don't see how I could have possibly gained weight this past year considering I never get to finish a meal by myself!

and NO to the morons out there that will ineivtably say "then go back to work if it's so terrible". Being a SAHM is a 24/7 JOB,a job of love but a job nonetheless. YOU try working 24/7 at any other job and let's see if you're all happy, happy, joy, joy all the time. Our complaining/venting does not mean we want to go back to work, we hate staying home, we hate being moms. Quite the contrary, it's normal and healthy. It's the moms who pretend everthing is hunky dory that you should be worrying about.

I am so glad you wrote this post Colleen! It's so true!

love you!

Colleen said...

@Cynthia-I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for making me feel validated!

Colleen said...

Oh, and as for the eating thing, I gain weight because I have sneak my food late at night, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that's why I like wine so much-IT IS ALL MINE!

Katie Thomson said...

I experience both sides since I get to stay home in the summer with Rylee and I definitely see pros and cons to BOTH sides, but I just wanted to point out the good sides of your job. Can't forget the good! (I think these are sticking out to me since I am just 2 weeks into school and miss her!)
-You got to/get to see and experience ALL their firsts. First step, first smile, first time they experience anything!
-You get to give them hugs and kisses all day long if you wanted to!
-You get to see them grow up and not miss out on anything!
-When they are sick, you get to comfort them and cuddle with them. (and clean up the mess! ha!) :o)
-They aren't EVER going to be confused on who their mom is!
-You know every SINGLE thing there is to know about your child and all their likes and dislikes!
-You can take ALL the credit for why your child turned out as wonderful as they did.

*I know this might be more geared for younger kids but I guess that's the point of view I have right now. Just trying to make you see the good side of what you are able to do! :o)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! I second it all. I loved the Fire your kids. I would like to evict them from the house, vote them off the island, you name it! :)

I 2nd Cynthia on the needing to vent. Why is it when we vent about "work" it makes us look bad or feel guilty but if people vent about their work, it's OK.

Also, may I just add, on top of not getting to fire anyone, we get no positive feedback for the most part. Only the every once in awhile proof that our kids listen. There are no raises, no bonuses, no great job, pats on the back, etc.

Navy Wife said...

this made me laugh! I'm only on year one of SAHM'ness but it's been an adventure! I don't remember the last time I actually sat down to eat!

Karen said...

About people thinking you have all the time in the world: I have had a few different people ask me if I could sell their stuff on eBay for them, you know, since I stay home all day. And of course they would give me part of the the sale price as payment. Are you kidding me?! I'll get right on sometime between when my kid is throwing his crayons all over the living room, dumping hotwheels all over the house, chasing the cat with a golf club, or turning the living room furniture upside down. Or maybe after I empty the dishwasher, put the laundry away, pick up & fix aforementioned toys & furniture... for the 4th time that day. I'll be sure to put that on my list.