Monday, August 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am REALLY excited that Jaclyn is joining the Fantasy Football League this year!

2. Pat and I are going to Seattle for about 36 hours at the end of the month, and I am SOOOOOOO excited, I have always wanted to go there!

3. I am REALLY struggling this week with the kiddos. I thought that they were great fun overall, but I think two weeks with no school is about my limit. Maybe next year when they are a little older it will be three weeks, but the incessant whining, complaining, neediness, etc. Mama needs a break (this is foreshadowing for my future blog about stay at home moms)!

4. I would just like to shower or pee without some sort of interruption!

5. Pretty sure the tooth that has needed a crown for two years now, probably needs a root canal since it makes my head hurt all day long, BUT who really has over a thousand dollars to give to the dentist. Maybe I need to put it on my sponsorship blog!

6. I absolutely LOVE my new hair cut. I haven't decided if I love the way it looks, BUT it seriously takes TWO seconds to do! And, since I can't shower or pee without an interruption, imagine what happens when I try to do my hair!

7. I am thankful that my mom is going to watch the kids this weekend, I think it is the break I need. We are going to a birthday party at Geisha a Go Go this Saturday, and I think it looks like a really neat place!

8. Two restaurants I have been dying to try: The Pasta Bar and Barrio Cafe. Anyone been, have reviews, know anything?

9. Sad when I think about my life in terms of Ten on Tuesday posts. Next Tuesday morning, we will be at the Swanky School Open House/Meet the Teacher/See the Classroom, one day after that, school begins, but not full time people, just 3.5 hours, a little teaser to the following week when they go from 7:45-1:45-PRAISE JESUS!

10. I am dehydrated-think I will go drink a bottle of wine, there is water in wine, RIGHT?????


Karen said...

3. This happened to me last week, the emotional drain from nonstop toddler ... I'm sorry this is your week.

4. Isn't it funny (sad) how our idea of a good time is just a basic biological function: peeing in peace.

10. Yes.

the swope family said...

I'm excited to play in your league this year too. Never understood the draw until I played in a league last year. Now, 2 this year. It could become an obsession! Can't wait to hear you girls talk smack! :)

Colleen said...

Two is so much harder than one, I am back down to one this year because I couldn't handle the pressure of two!