Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun on Friday

Well, we had our fun last night, but I thought I would post this today because last night was the most amazing of nights! My kids like MOST kids in Phoenix, don't see rain very often, so they are kind of scared when it starts BEATING DOWN on our skylights. I don't like skylights, more on that a different day, but they do make for an amazing microphone to the rain that is few and far between. When the rain started, we all went in the master bedroom (NO SKYLIGHTS), crawled into bed, and tried to watch cartoons. Unfortunately, the satellite was going in and out, so we read books and just talked. When the rain died down, we were able to watch a little television while discussing what to do for dinner. Seriously, last night we were supposed to go to NYPD Pizza and Cheesecake Factory, but driving in Phoenix when it is raining is a RIDICULOUS chore. PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE HERE! Everyone goes like 35 miles an hour, tons of accidents occur, so we decided to stay in! We decided to have a picnic in bed and pretend like we were at a hotel. The kids were DARLING, so well behaved and ate more than I had seen them eat in a long time. (WHILE I LOVE CHINESE FOOD, I don't think rice was the best thing to eat in bed, but live and learn!) I took the comforter off, laid down a blanket, we ate on that, when we were done, I stripped it off, put the comforter on, NO BIG DEAL! They loved it! AND, Pat came up with the very ghetto idea of using storage box lids as trays, but it worked BEAUTIFULLY! And look at these kids, picture of HAPPINESS!


Anonymous said...

How is it that the impromptu plans ALWAYS trump the planned activities?! Looks like a wonderful time. One of my favorite times with Sarah is still the time the power went off one night last year and Andy was out. Sarah and I snuggled and read books together by flashlight. She still tells me to this day how great it was.

Pain to Purpose said...

I love that! Great post!