Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I HATE when people tell me that Diet Coke is going to kill me. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not drinking it because it has no calories, but I am drinking it because I like the taste. I am also certain that the ridiculous amounts of wine I consume are also going to kill me, but I like these things. Why do people INSIST on raining on my parade????? I have already been to McDonald's this morning to get a Diet Coke because after one day without it, I could feel my veins slowly closing, and the blood was not flowing to my heart! Cause of Death: Lack of Diet Coke is how my autopsy report would have read!

2. OMG-Levi and Bristol are getting married, I know this is kind of older news, but I haven't discussed it. I love it. You know my good friend, Sarah, is SEETHING angry, and she can't really do anything about it!!!!

3. Do any of you watch My Life on the D-List with Kathy Griffin? I seriously NEVER watch this show, but it was on during one of my stints in bed when I was sick, and I happened to catch THIS EPISODE, where she goes to Alaska to stalk Sarah Palin and confess her undying love to Levi. I always thought she was a little off, and I didn't really LIKE Kathy all that much, but I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER after this episode-HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. I HAVE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!! Here are some pictures of us eating S'mores when we were up North!

5. We also made this AMAZING beer can chicken. Something I have ALWAYS wanted to do. It was wonderful and INCREDIBLY easy! Doesn't it look pretty??

6. There is this AMAZING Mexican bakery in Prescott, it is called Donut Hole, but it is soooooooooooooo much more than that! Look at all the pastries! AND IT IS CHEAP!

7. If you have been around me long enough, you have most certainly heard me talk about the Nordstrom Grand Opening I attended in San Antonio. It was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT! Walking in to the store you were handed a cocktail, appetizers were passed, if you wanted another cocktail, you went to one of the jewelry counters where the cases were stuffed with bottles of alcohol. We were given this porcelain tea cup that sits upon a shelf ALL BY ITSELF IN MY HOUSE! It was AMAZING! I bought the most amazing shoes that night. Katie let me wear them in her wedding, Lori would not. I wear them any chance I get, and I STILL LOVE THEM almost six years later. I have no idea how I was able to afford this event and the shoes while Pat was in law school, but we made do. In fact, I think I lived a much more charmed life back then, but that's a different story for a different day! THE POINT of this rant is that TONIGHT, I am going to the H&M VIP Grand Opening, and I have HIGH expectations for this event. I am certain it will never live up to the Nordstrom Grand Opening, but I hope it is kind of cool. OH WELL, if it is not, then at least it is a night out with a friend! AND, these summer months are KILLING ME, so I need a break!

8. I have ZERO information regarding Jackson's Kindergarten class in the fall, and the thing that kills me the most is that I DESPERATELY want some sort of supply list! I am anxious to get my shop on!!!!!

9. Twitter was not working on my cell phone yesterday. It was very depressing!

10. Wish me luck, I have less than 12 hours to figure out what to wear tonight. H&M Opening already has one thing against it. . .it is in Scottsdale. I liked figuring out what to wear in San Antonio MUCH BETTER!!!!


Karissa said...

1. People do the same thing to me regarding my Sugar Free Rockstar!! Used to be Red Bull, but I hoped on the frugal train and Rockstar is cheaper :) Give it a rest people!! It could be A LOT worse!!

2. For someone who has such a serious hatred for Mrs. Palin, you sure do follow them pretty tightly...lol! Is it like a train wreck? You can't look away? Josh is in love with her looks by the way, and will defend her till the day he dies!! Her looks that is :)

3. I hate Kathy Griffin...OMG!

4. Jackson and Tyler look so grown up! I'm sure you don't see it as much since you see them everyday, but they are SO big! And gorgeous of course!

5. I hope you have SO much fun at the grand opening!! Can I be on standby and you can take pictures of stuff, send it to me, and I can tell you if I want you to purchase it for me or not? Especially Kids clothes!!! You wouldn't have to worry about me mailing a check, I'll just transfer it into your paypal account :) SO MUCH EASIER!

Totally random, but everytime I watch Tosh.0 I think of Pat?? Is that wierd? Am I the only one?

Colleen said...

2. How can you miss it???? The Palins are on the cover of so many magazines, unless you are living in a bubble, you can't miss it! I SWEAR TO GOD KARISSA, if you start wearing your hair like Sarah and shooting random things from your mouth just to please your husband I WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! She isn't ugly, I just can't stand her voice! OMG!

3. Kathy gave a Sarah Palin shirt to her housekeeper and told her to use it as a rag. LOVE BLOOMED IN MY HEART!

5. I will see if I can snap some pictures of the event and upload them on twitter or facebook tonight!

Why can't everyone disagree as nicely as us!??????? Obviously we aren't going to change one another's mind, but a little friendly banter never hurt anyone.

Colleen said...

OH, and I don't know what Tosh.0 is!!!!!!!!! I feel so out of the loop!

Karissa said...

Exactly!!! Love that we have such DIFFERENT opinions!!

Does Pat watch Tosh.0 at night when your sleeping? I noticed he tweeted him and said "@danieltosh great show tonight, funny stuff" Maybe he is having a late night love affair with Tosh.0....LMAO!

You mean you wouldn't like it if the Miller's dressed up as the Palins for Haloween?

Karen said...

1. Most everything will kill you, so why not enjoy it while you can. I just ate my weight in butter, so I'm sure my cholesterol just went up 50 points in 5 minutes.

2. Is it wrong that everyime I hear Mickey Mouse say, "You Betcha!" on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I think of Sarah Palin? But I also think of President Obama when Bob the Builder says, "Yes We Can!" Too much TV will kill me, too, I'm sure.

4. I love s'mores. Cute pictures!

7. OMG, I would LOVE to go to an H&M opening. I heard a rumor they are opening one in Tucson, but I haven't been able to confirm that. I've never been to H&M but I've always drooled over their clothes & prices when I see them in magazines.