Friday, July 2, 2010


The winner of the "pizza dough" is KAREN at Mommy Needs who loves the California Club Pizza! She says, "That's the only pizza I have ever tried!" Lucky for her, California Pizza Kitchen is coming soon to Tucson, and she is going to be armed with "pizza dough" and able to try anything she would like, RISK FREE don't forget!! CONGRATULATIONS, KAREN! Your "pizza dough" will be sent to you in the mail soon!


Karissa said...

Congrats Karen!!!

Short and Sweet said...

Again, I almost jumped through the monitor to get to those avocado slices and all the other yummy stuff on that pizza. I'm glad that Karen won, and that a CPK will be in Tuscon she can take me out to lunch or dinner and we can leave her dad and Joe at home with the kids! Way to go Karen!!!!!!