Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday-My Grandpa

1. My uncle was in town this weekend, so we had a LOT of family gatherings, which is nothing new, this family doesn't need an excuse to gather, but we had more than other weekends.

2. On Saturday we had a pool party, and the guys in the pool were tossing the football around. My grandpa got up to play with them, and when he was throwing the ball, he fell. Patrick DOES NOT cuss in front of the kids. He is constantly chirping, "LANGUAGE!" at me, (I think it might be my next Lenten offering, but that's a different story for a different day!), but apparently he screamed, "Oh Shit!" He may or may not be the only person who saw it. I saw people jumping out of the pool and running, I started looking around for the kids, and they were all fine, so I was confused. It is almost like it happened in slow motion looking back on it now.

3. He was VERY lucky, he fell on the meatier part of his shoulder, so he has a GIANT bruise, but looks like he is going to be OK!

4. The thing I remember most is my grandma's shrieking. The man you have been married to for almost 60 years is lying on the ground, and you don't have any idea what is wrong with him, so I get the shrieking, BUT, I had to YELL at her to snap her out of it. I felt terrible, but there was no other way. I just kept yelling at her to get him some water.

5. My grandpa is VERY hard of hearing, he worked on airplanes in the Korean War, and it damaged his hearing. I don't have A LOT of memories of conversations with him. I don't think I have had very many. But, he will go off on these tangents, or start telling stories about golfing or the parties they went to at the Playboy Mansion, and I could listen for hours.

6. My kids have no idea that he is hard of hearing and carry on MANY conversations with him. He nods and smiles. I know he doesn't know what they are saying. I hate to discourage them from talking to him because I don't want them to know he can't hear. It always discouraged me from talking to him.

7. He and my grandma have attended EVERY event I can remember them ever being invited to. They haven't missed ANYTHING! Unlike other people in my life, they are a total CONSTANT!

8. At our wedding, during the first dance, he cut in and danced with me, leaving Pat standing there!

9. I am going to email Claire Beeler right now and set up some family photos in November when my uncle, David, comes back!

10. I have never lost anyone close to me. It is going to be a very sad day when I do. I don't know how I will react. I am scared of how I will react. I am scared for my mom.


Roberta said...

The song from your wedding was on in the car when David and I were driving and I was just telling him that was the song from your wedding and how grandpa cuts in!! Finished reading in tears and had to answer my phone!!!!

Karissa said...

I convinced you to change your song to that one like the day before the wedding :) Such a fit for you and Pat! I too think of your grandpa everytime I hear it!

Definitely brought tears to my eyes. Very well written Colleen!! I just love BUD!!


Katie Thomson said...

LOVE this post. Shoulda NOT have read while driving! (shouldnt read anything while driving) but especially this! Love him!

Pain to Purpose said...

Aww...he sounds like a real special grandpa. I love that the kids talk to him. That probably makes him feel real loved.