Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Lindsay Lohan in jail, I will believe it when I see it!

2. My ear is killing me (I think my eardrum burst)! After being sick last week, I fully intended to make it up to my kids this week, but alas, I have spent the day lying on the couch tweeting, just like last week! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?

3. We are getting out of this heat for awhile, and I CANNOT WAIT! I am one of those people that packs two weeks ahead of time, the kids are thrilled, I am thrilled, everyone is thrilled!

4. I wanted the Wipeout game for Wii, I can't find it anywhere, then I went and read reviews, apparently I don't want it anymore.

5. I love Roberto on the Bachelorette, I also love Kirk, and I love the story Chris has! I will be happy with anyone winning.

6. TEAM VIENNA SAUSAGE! Jake is a giant jerk!

7. I would like for Karissa's phone to work again! THE END!

8. Was RHONJ new last night?? If it was, it totally didn't record, and I am bummed.

9. Have I mentioned my ear hurts, and when Pat's ear ruptured it was the end of the world, I got a text from him today that said, "You can take a pain pill when I get home!" YES, and what the freak am I supposed to do until then!

10. I have to get back to the couch. It is where I spend the days feeling sorry for myself. My kids have been sooooooooooooooooo good today. Remind me to buy them a treat when I feel better!


Short and Sweet said...

RHONJ? TEAM VIENNA SAUSAGE? I'm too old for this!

Anonymous said...

Get them a treat-they are perfect!!

Karen said...

Mom, Real Housewives of New Jersey ... and Vienna from the Bachelor. Altough I'm not sure how she got the "Sausage" attached to her name, but that sucks for her.

Sorry your ear hurts, that's a horribly uncomfortable pain :( I hope you're better soon.

Kris and Jen said...

Oh man I got "swimmers ear" so bad a few summers ago that I thought I was going to die. Hurt like nothing else I have experienced until I got some antibiotics and some drops...bless you. I also have been sick the past two weeks and am sick of being sick....would be a horrible person to get truly sick (and am very thankful I am not!)I hope you feel better and have a great time getting out of here:)!!!

Jennifer Weworski said...

RHONJ was a never before seen clips show. Next week will be a new one :o)