Monday, July 19, 2010


Tyler is HYSTERICAL! She is a perfectionist when it comes to understanding what you are saying, and if she doesn't understand what you are saying, she will say, "WHAT?!", OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN until she understands it. She is relentless. Lately, we have run into some bugs that we don't usually have a lot of interaction with.

Last week it was wasps. I think it is a hard word to pronounce, especially in plural form. I must have repeated it about a thousand and one times. She finally got it down and was able to say it. Later in the day, she asked if we could go outside because the "stings" were all gone. She decided wasps was just too much work and started to call them "stings" because DUH! that's what they do!

This weekend, she asked what the buzzing was coming from the plant. We have these bugs here called cicada. You never really see them, you just hear them. We told Tyler they were cicada bugs, that you wouldn't see them, you just hear them. On the way back from the pool she asked if the "buzzes" could sting! She just decided to name them "buzzes"!

She comes up with the most random things, and I never want to forget them. LOVE HER!