Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Apparently we are all on the mend. My ear is still popping like popcorn, and I am VERY TIRED, but other than that, I feel MUCH better.

2. Jackson had some vaccinations today. I always get a sick feeling in my stomach surrounding vaccines. Say what you will, I totally think they have something to do with autism. A mom knows her children, and that many moms can't be crazy! That's just my opinion,not really open for debate since there is no firm "cause" of autism, and I don't think any of my readers are on the brink of finding a cure for autism, which would imply you found the cause! Felt a little bad about the rant above, I would love to hear your opinions on it, just don't want to debate! :-)

3. Kind of feeling sassy today!

4. We had a WONDERFUL weekend in Prescott. So relaxing, and I didn't do much of anything except relax and eat, two of my favorite things. Jackson got to wake up and turn the Wii on, his absolute FAVORITE thing about vacation. Tyler pretended to be a waitress in her stripper heels and tiara. She was quite the sight!

5. I will say one thing, my kids absolutely know how to run a restaurant. When Jackson would take a break from gaming and play with Tyler, the two of them know good service, can create a KILLER menu and have a smile the entire time! I love that they have been going to restaurants for such a short time, but can ROCK IT!

6. The APS time of use plan is killing me. The summer is difficult because I like to do my errands in the morning, but if I leave, forget doing dishes or laundry because by the time I get home, it is too late to run anything! GAH!

7. SOoooooooooooooooo excited Big Brother is on again! I will be sooooooooooo sad if Brendon/Brandon (the swim coach) gets voted off because I am in love with him, think he is gorgeous and like looking at his hot bod! I am fine with saying this because I don't care if Pat oogles the Vegas Scientist the entire time the show is on. They make a great couple!

8. I think the cop is the saboteur and so does Lance Bass. Lance Bass is in Phoenix and will not reply to my tweets. I think he thinks I border on stalker. If only he knew I was a perfectly "normal" SAHM!

9. As a reward for my kids being so good last week while I was sick, I am going to take them to open gym at Pump It Up! We may take a limo there so that I can get wasted because I don't know how I am going to survive it. I kind of want to cry thinking about it.

10. If everything goes according to plan, I will see Jaclyn next week. Um, I don't even know the last time I saw her!


the swope family said...

#10 - HOLLA! Can't wait! I've missed you!!

Colleen said...

Missed you too!

Karen said...

2. I always worry about it, too. I REGRET getting the H1N1 vaccine (for B and me) just because I think it was useless and unnecessary. A bunch of stupid propoganda. But I should probably get re-vaccinated for chicken pox because I never had them as a kid and it can be brutal (life threatening) as an adult.

7. LOVE Big Brother ... and we have free Showtime right now so we can watch "After Dark." Such a waste of time but it's hard to pry ourselves away from it.

9. TAKE A LIMO?!? To Pump It Up? Hmmmm. I can't take B to Pump It Up because he's terrified of jumping castles. Absolutely terrified. Hopefully he grows out of that soon.

Colleen said...

@Karen Have you been to Pump It Up? It is a nightmare of epic proportion! The other moms are annoying, the other kids are annoying, and overall it is is a TRAGIC experience! That's why I need to drink before going and take a limo there. (I'm not really, just trying to be a safe driver!) Tyler used to hate bubbles, she has since grown out of it. THANK GOD! I had to tell them to put the bubbles away at The Little Gym because the birthday girl didn't like them!

Karissa said...

You are BRAVE for heading to Pump it Up for open bounce! I only go for birthday parties because then in that case I at least know most the parents :)

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!!

You know my view on vaccines...I refuse to debate them as well :)

Glad you guys had a good time in Prescott! Must see pictures of my precious Tyler in stripper heals and tiara. Her and Leila would get along SO well!! I too have a five year old OBSESSED with video games! It is bitter/sweet, that's for sure.

Of course, LOVE Big Brother. AND Brendon is my fav! Can't stand Hayden!!

Is there a baby yet?!

Karen said...

I've been to Pump It Up once, which is when I discovered B's irrational fear of large inflatables. Last summer when I was pregnant and I ended up holding him the whole time while he cried & clutched me in fear. One of his friends is having his 3rd birthday party there and his mom warned me about the location and said she understands if we don't come.
Oh, and I totally think Kathy is the saboteur!!