Friday, July 23, 2010


Mitch Menlove was the dad of a little girl at Tyler's school. I didn't know them. I have never spoken to any of the family, but the stories I have heard make this story worth sharing. He was 36 when he died. His oldest son wanted to hike the tallest peak in AZ, Mitch wasn't sure he could do it and kept saying no, finally this past weekend, he took his son, they reached the top. From there the details are fuzzy, but the son's last words to his dad were, "Thanks for believing in me dad!" Mitch died Monday morning around 1:30am.

It is said that if you complimented him on his tie, he would take it off then and there and give it to you. Lots of men at the funeral were wearing ties that Mitch had given to them. They have three children and his wife is due any day with their fourth child. It is unimaginable what this woman is going through. Any positive thoughts or prayers for this family would be greatly appreciated I am sure. I linked the Obituary and a video of Congressman Flake paying tribute to Mitch!


Just a sad reminder of how short life truly is. Life can truly change in an instant.


Kris and Jen said...

Colleen, one of my best friends Lori and her husband Jake were close to Mitch and his family and Jake was lucky enough to play golf with Mitch Friday, the day before he took that hike with his son. They said he was amazing. Awesome husband, dad, friend and person.