Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Progression of Dishes

At first it was fine, I thought it was great that I was keeping up on my dish washing, more so then when I had a dishwasher. I complained, but I did it! TODAY, I am just thoroughly annoyed, straight down to my core. I don't want to wash dishes anymore. I feel like anything I use to wash the dishes just doesn't do as good of a job, and I am afraid germs are lingering among the dishes. Completely irrational, I am sure, but I am BURNT OUT!


the swope family said...

So sorry! If I was in your neighborhood I would come with a rubbermaid tote, take them all, put them in my diswasher and return them to you sparkling clean and free of all germs. Here's hoping you get news on the house sooner than later and therefore, you get a dishwasher!