Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I found a different house that I am in love with! I found it online, and I am petrified to go look at it because I don't want the image I have in my head to be ruined! It has a basement, fire pit and water slide, all things that make us REALLY excited here at our house. We will see what it actually looks like on the inside!

2. I do not enjoy taking showers the way I once did. Sure, if I have unlimited time, and no possibility of someone waking up, screaming, etc. BUT to be in there while the kids are awake means one of them could be killing the other-NOT ENJOYABLE! AND, if they are asleep, there is usually something else I would like to be doing!

3. My Preschool Board meeting was REALLY a downer this morning. The economy is just so sad right now, it breaks my heart!

4. The Preschool Board meeting was after I sat and bawled my eyes out over the news story they did on Bruce Snyder this morning. We all have this fabulous memory of him at the Father/Daughter Dance, and Alissa and I were reminiscing about it yesterday. He truly was an extraordinary individual.

5. Pat got a new phone, now he can't stop texting me. It is kind of funny how quickly you become accustomed to something you never did much of before.

6. Texting does not pass the spell check! Is texting a verb these days, certainly it will be added to the dictionary SOON if it hasn't been already!?

7. I have not been sleeping well lately. I stay up all night researching different zip codes and wondering where we are going to give up. I went to see a doctor about my insomnia one time, and she told me that I shouldn't worry about things at night because they aren't going to change. BUT, I just can't seem to get a solid grasp on that concept. I need some HEAVY sleep aids.

8. Most days, I wish that Pat didn't work so much, but then when he is here for a long period of time (AKA weekend), I wish he would go back to work because the kids act like wild animals when he is around.

9. I cannot WAIT for 17 Again to open this weekend, I love Zac Efron!

10. This morning, we pulled up to a school to drop Jackson's registration papers off. All of the gates were locked, and Jackson looks at me and says, "Is this jail? I am NOT going to school here!"


Karen said...

I feel the exact same way about showers.

Good luck with the house search! I really don't have any good advice about the insomnia, though ... I hope it gets better.

Anonymous said...

Not only it is Zac Efron but the movie actually looks pretty good!! I'm in - If the boys can do last minute movie night. So can we!

the swope family said...

Can't believe that texting doesn't pass spell check!!