Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday!

1. I think, make that KNOW, I will get the swine flu, the way my year has gone so far, CERTAINLY it is the cards for me!

2. I was at the Redbox bright and early this morning to rent Bride Wars, I GOT IT! Cannot wait to watch that sometime today!

3. Tyler had a double ear infection 4 weeks ago, had no idea anything was wrong with her! Took her back for her follow up visit, and she still has an ear infection in one ear, didn't know it. I AM PARENT OF THE YEAR!

4. I think real life heroes, like the guy who landed on the Hudson or the captain that was held hostage by pirates, are AMAZING to watch talk. Matt Lauer asked he captain this morning, "Did you have any idea that Obama had authorized the use of lethal force if the navy seals thought you were in danger?" The captain looked confused, almost like, "Yeah Matt, we had CNN on the boat!" These heroes that are thrust into the spotlight are just COMPLETELY HONEST!

5. The fiance of the Craigslist killer is a serious CRACK WHORE! Who is going to stand by someone who CLEARLY committed the crimes. If that were my daughter. . .

6. The attorney of the Craigslist killer is a CRACK WHORE! Who is going to go on national television and state that their client is innocent? The man hollowed out books to store underwear of hookers in!!!!!!!! COME ON NOW! Makes me kind of happy that Pat and I move about every year, I would know if the books were hollowed out! Now, I should just go check the trunk of his car, that's where he stores all of his law school books for fear I might throw them away! Maybe I should go check those tonight!

7. The Dot, a children's book by Peter H Reynolds, is one of my favorite stories. It truly explains the definition of a great teacher! VERY CUTE!

8. I have hung up every last item of clothing in the house this morning. I HATE TO HANG LAUNDRY! I will fold it, but the stuff that needs to be hung, I don't know why I hate to hang the stuff SO MUCH!

9. I feel that Memorial Day is earlier than normal and Labor Day is later, which in turn makes for a VERY LONG SUMMER!

10. I think people who smoke in Arizona during the summer are crazy! I think if I was a smoker, the summer would inspire me to quit, FIRST-who wants to go outside in the 120 degree weather, and SECOND-who wants to hold a hot cigarette or suck in hot smoke! OMG, that is my exact definition of what hell would be like!


Katie Thomson said...

Your Ten on Tuesday sounds like you just got done reading the newspaper or watching the news! :o)
I am going to have to look up that book "The Dot." I think Barnes and Noble have a reading program this summer. If you read 8 books, I think the kids get to pick a new book. I will have to look more into it! I wonder if 5 month olds can do it?

Katie Thomson said...

Here is the link for the summer reading program at Barnes and Noble. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/summerreading/

It doesn't sound as good now. It looks like it is for graes 1-6. I think it should be for any kid. Even if the parent is reading to the child!

Colleen said...

I totally did just get done watching the news! I love Matt Lauer, I try to watch him in the morning, it makes my day better somehow! He is just soooooooo REAL!

The library has a program where you can read to your child. I will check out the Barnes and Noble-surely J can pass for a first grader, HA!

Cynthia said...

I adore The Today Show, and Matt is my fave. how can anyone think that psycho in Boston is innocent? did you see when they interviewd the gay guy who said the guy tried to pick him up and sent him risque pics of himself?

K to the M said...

Thanks to you I hit the Redbox this morning and got Bride Wars!! I can't wait to watch it tonight :)

I too HATE hanging and putting away laundry! I am totally guilty of pulling it at of my dryer, folding and leaving it in the laundry room till it has all pretty much been worn! HATE IT!