Sunday, April 26, 2009


You know how teams or athletes have sponsors????? I think I am in desperate need of a "family sponsor"! I would happily put your picture on my blog, or company name, if you indeed decide to purchase any of the following items for my family! You have to admit this is a grand idea, and I will allow anyone who so desires to copy me and put up a "sponsorship" page of their own!

1. V-Motion: It is like Wii for kids, and with the HOT summer months coming, I am looking for indoor entertainment, versus outdoor entertainment. I have to laugh when I get the Toy 'r' Us catalog, and I see that they are advertising all the play sets that are WAYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOO HOT for us to play on during the summer!

2. Swim lessons-Again, like I said about the athletes, I have big plans for Jackson and his swimming one day, so this is almost like an athletic sponsorship. It is $360 for the entire summer for both kids. AND THAT IS FOR ONE ON ONE PRIVATE LESSONS, imagine how awesome they will both be by the time they are done!

3. My standard maid service, always need this, and I think I REALLY deserve it since I am slowly turning into a reptile because I have washed dishes by hand now for over a month!

4. Jackson is going to a new school next year, and they wear uniforms there (CAN I GET AN AMEN!?), but of course these little suckers are not cheap, so maybe I could get a sign for him to wear around, "This uniform sponsored by. . ."

5. I laughed out loud after thinking about my last Ten on Tuesday blog and how I was going to plan a getaway to either Laughlin or Napa! COME ON PEOPLE, feel free to say, "One of those is a $2000 trip, and one would cost about $200!" So, therefore, if someone wanted to sponsor the Napa trip, I would be eternally grateful!

I think those are a few little gems that would help make life a little more upbeat around here! If anyone wants to sponsor these gems, feel free to e-mail me at, and I will give prompt directions on how to get the desired items to me!


Cynthia said...

I love this post! how creative and fun! if you get sponsorship I'm copying you and shilling for my own!

PinkShrink said...

You can become the official spokesfamily for me when I open a private practice. (athough we don't use the term "crazy", we like "person diagnosed with a mental illness.")

K to the M said...

This is the funniest thing I have ever heard!! What would the kids think of a Chuck's Boots sign on their uniforms?! I'll see what I can do!

Josh put a donation box up at work that says "The Malakai Miller Foundation" and his employees just throw change in there!! Something to think about :)


Colleen said...

@Pink Shrink, I will be your spokesfamily in exchange for free therapy, GOD KNOWS I NEED IT!