Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sometimes You Just Know!

I went to look at houses this morning while Pat was working, we walked into the first house, and yes, don't get me wrong, it was sooooooooooooooooo much better than some of the houses I have been in! SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! It wasn't awful, but it wasn't striking me, does that make sense????? There is just some sort of feeling I get when I walk in a house, backyard, etc., and it wasn't hitting me. Our realtor, that I am slowly falling in love with (which many of you know is a difficult task for me because I like them as much as I like lawyers!), asked me what I didn't like about it, and there wasn't something I could REALLY tell him. It was just a feeling.

Then, we went to the next house, and it was just it! I loved the street, loved the house, loved it all. Don't get me wrong, it is not SUPER pretty, it is not SUPER nice, it just fit my lifestyle soooooooooooo much better. Sure, they knocked the wall out in the Master Bathroom, and it has a door into what would be Jackson's bedroom! The kitchen is small and has REALLY old appliances, but there was a feeling about the house that I just liked. Please tell me you people know what I am talking about. There is feeling that comes over you when you know it is right.

OMG-I forgot to mention that it is currently painted MINT GREEN, but see these are all things I am willing to overlook for the sake of a house I like. I figure I will ask Santa to paint it for me for Christmas!


Cynthia said...

totally know what you mean. we looked at a zillion houses in SA, some were perfectly fine. some we even felt almost guilted into making offers on b/c we couldn't explain why we didn't love it, then when I walked in the house we did buy- the second I stepped in the door I knew immediately that was the house, the kitchen was horrid, the breakfast room even worse, but the house was THE house. so I know what you mean!

K to the M said...

Buying a house is a HUGE deal!! You have to have "the feeling" before you buy or you will probably regret it. I'm so glad to hear you found one you like. Cosmetic changes can always be worked out and can also be fun in the process :)

Karen said...

We started looking at houses today ... and I finally understand what you mean by crap houses. We saw a foreclosure and I felt like I needed to shower after I left ... ick.

The feeling is everything, even if you have to overlook a few minor cosmetic elements. Good luck with your search!