Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I worry that I am going to write something in one of these that I have in the past, and I am way too lazy, ok maybe busy, to go through and see, so I apologize in advance if that happens because I know you read my blog with a fine tooth comb, HA!

2. Starting to get frustrated with how little I know about anything these days, it seems our future is very uncertain, in many different areas, and I am such a planner that it just drives me CRAZY! I like to know what is going to happen a year in advance!

3. Found some private swim lessons for the summer, and I am so excited that I don't have to get in the pool with either of them. The teacher told me to bring a book, YAY! This is why I am excited about my kids getting older, although it will be sad when they won't let me hug or kiss them good bye in public anymore! Jackson doesn't even acknowledge me when I leave NOW, although he never really has, what's it going to be like in high school!?

4. I need to plan a get away, someone mentioned Napa, I have wanted to go to Laughlin, just something for Pat and I! Then, I need to plan something for the family, it is so much work to travel with two kids, if you have more than that, I just don't know how you manage to get out the door-EVER!

5. Pat loves Chicken Marsala, I made it last night-second attempt, Pat said it was good, I didn't think so-I just want to go eat it at the little Italian place we would go to in San Antonio. I don't even like it that much, but it was GOOOOOOOD! Not Paesano's either, some little house looking place that was over by the hospitals, but I can't remember the name!

6. I think that someone without children invented Polly Pockets, Littlest Pet Shop, etc etc etc. They are too freaking small, they hurt when you step on them, and they are scary looking!

7. When Pat and I play Wii, we sit in camping chairs with two cup holders, and we love them. I looked at him yesterday and said that maybe we should replace our couches with a series of these chairs. . .hmmmm, could be something to think about when we live in a van down by the dried up river!

8. Jackson LOVES tennis, he wants to be on the tennis team, I think it is a much better choice than soccer because I don't like to watch that!

9. My "online" friend Audrey, I can't even tell you how I met her now, on MySpace somewhere I believe, ANYWAY, her husband, BJ, had two children before they were married, the two children died in a horrid car accident this weekend, along with their mom, her boyfriend, the boyfriend's kids, etc. I was a tragic accident, five children in the back on a Honda Accord, none with seat belts on. I am speechless about the whole thing. I wouldn't know what emotions to have. Audrey and BJ have two kids, and she is pregnant again, please pray for them.

10. I really like Monopoly for Wii if you need a good game recommendation. My kids love Shrek Carnival Games if you need one for the kiddos. Really happy with my selections this time, usually I have renter's remorse, HA!


K to the M said...

Okay, some of my responses are going to have to be saved for private conversation :)

I'm so glad there are other people out there who enjoy the camping chairs with cup holders!

Maybe Jackson and Kiera can get a good tennis match going one day :)

I wish I had monopoly on WII but I had it on Game Cube and I will NEVER play with Josh again because he cheats and the computer just isn't much fun either :( I can't wait till Malakai is interested in things that don't involve four wheels!!

Katie Thomson said...

I wish that I had gotten to play Monopoly Wii longer. Maybe I will have to break out the old Game Cube and play it there! Then again...I could just break out the new Wii Fit and play that!
I say you go to Napa...that would be SO fun! Lots of wine!! :o)

Cynthia said...

Oh how unbelievably sad to hear that news about your friends stepchildren. Awful! Was this the accident in Houston? I will say a prayer for them.

I step on those damn Pet Shop Critters and their accessories every freakin' day!

Aldo's? Aldaco's? Aldino's? something like that right? Brooks & I went there on your rec and loved it, very old time Italian, soft music, candles etc.. romantic spot which you'd not expect considering it's location. Am I thinking of the right place?

Colleen said...

YES-It was Aldo's wasn't it, How could I forget? It is the name of my fav shoe store here, HA! LOVED THAT PLACE, glad you liked it too!

Isn't the story about the children AWFUL-the mom is dead, so you can't be mad at her for being irresponsible and NOT HAVING THEM IN SEAT BELTS, but I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO PISSED! I don't understand why anyone would put five kids in the back seat, ARGH! Pat asked if the seat belts would have made a difference, and honestly I have no idea, but wouldn't you question it forever! The accident took place in North Carolina!

PinkShrink said...

You do need a mini-vacation, my dear! Hang in there-things will sort themselves out & there is no reason to stress yourself out over things that are out of your control at the moment. BREATHE. You're giving yourself wrinkles, high blood pressure and grey hair, plus stress makes you gain weight.

I can't play Scrabble against Jason because I whip his ass so badly that he pouts afterwards. I really love Scrabble and this marriage is ruining it.